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Football Sunday…In Or Out?

by Bill Sweeney

Ok, it’s another football Sunday in America.  The sport is about as popular as a spot can be in this country.  But yet, it keeps getting more popular. It’s the true American past time, surpassing baseball some time ago.  I love football.  My team is the NY Giants, but I also root for the NY Jets. Somebody from NY better win.  Sure, it seems innocent at the surface…a bunch a grown men getting paid to entertain by playing a game.  Same story has been told for years.

Of late, though, I think there seems to be more going on.  I know countless guys that run into the same question each week from September through January…how much football watching can I get away with without neglecting the kids and/or pissing off the wife?  It happens Sundays, Monday nights, and sometimes Thursdays and Saturdays.  There’s the guys that try to get stuff done in the morning with the family because their team is on at 4PM or, better yet, 8PM.  There’s the guys that alternate weeks and the guys that just hunker down and say Sunday is my day, football watching day.  There are some that just write off the effort and check scores on their iPhones.  Then, once the allowance has been determined, there is the venue selections…there are the guys that have friends over the house, or the guys that leave to go to a friends or a local bar.

It seems bizarre that the term “football wife” even exists at all.  But if gets to how important this sport has become in American culture and the constant pull between “being a man” and “being a dad/husband” always seem to butt heads.  In many ways, a lot of men are resigned to chores around the house that they would rather not be doing, but there seems to be a line drawn in the sand with football.  Wives even acquiesce much more frequently with football than with, say, washing the dishes.  I think deep down they like that there’s still a little “man” left in their hubbies. Perhaps they are putting the card in their back pocket, ready to spring it for BUNCO night or a GNO.

I myself, enjoy watching, but do not revolve my life around it.  Things seemed to have changed once my daughter was born.  I’m not being corny or pious, but football seemed to take a back seat.  Family time took on a new meaning, and it was a better once for me.  That’s not to say I don’t like to get away, or just veg on the couch every now and again.  At the heart of it, I think I know that my kids are kids for only a short time, and then it’s gone.  Football will, likely, be there forever.  It’ll be there when my kids are hanging out with their friends, or going on dates, or going to work, or getting married.  I figure, once all that shakes out, the Giants will be there waiting for me.

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Football Sunday…In Or Out? was last modified: August 4th, 2014 by Bill Sweeney

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