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Get Your Groove On Quicker With Chocolate and Smoothie Wines!

by Bill Sweeney
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Happy Valentine’s Day!  How about cutting to the chase and instead of the box of chocolates and then the romantic, wine-soaked dinner, you just give your significant other chocolate wine.  Yes, that’s correct. Why not be efficient and effective with your afrodisiac/inebriation attempts!

First wild, candy-like vodka flavors…and now the same for wines. I guess wine coolers are all growz up. Chocolate and red wine does go pretty well, though, I must say.

People want the buzz and the sweet childhood memories, too. Unless, of course, you were a wayward youth, boozing it up at 7 years old. Then, I’m sure you have very special memories all your own.

Clever Imports, the Florida-based creator of the ChocoVine chocolate wine brand, is launching a new brand called VineSmoothie—a French Chardonnay-based fruit-cream wine. VineSmoothie will hit the shelves in April and retail at around $10, the same price as ChocoVine. The 14%-abv brand will start with four flavors: Peach, Berry, Pineapple Coconut and Strawberry.

ChocoVine grew by 22% to 550,000 cases last year, building on its strong growth from 2010. After successfully focusing on the grocery trade, Katz now aims to expand ChocoVine on-premise in 2012.

“We market ChocoVine to the on-premise as a cocktail that stands on its own—especially the Espresso flavor,” says Katz. ChocoVine’s other flavors include Original, Raspberry and Whipped Cream. “We’re suggesting restaurants and bars add vodka to make their Espresso Martinis. And for restaurants with only wine and beer licenses, ChocoVine can offer a spirits-style experience, on the rocks.”

As ChocoVine looks to raise its on-premise profile, competition is starting to intensify in the chocolate-cream wine segment. White Rock Distilleries has its new Chocolate Valley Vines label, and E&J Gallo is test-marketing a brand called ChocolatRouge. Both are priced roughly in line with ChocoVine. Katz distinguishes between cream-driven and wine-driven versions of chocolate wine, and doesn’t consider wine-driven brands like Precept Wines’ Chocolate Shop to be direct competition for ChocoVine.

Here are a few more chocolate wines.

Source: Shanken News Daily

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