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Groom Yourself Like A Gentleman At 18|8 Fine Men’s Salons: Get Your Groom On

by Bill Sweeney


This past October/November I had a severe case of superstitious foolishness as the Mets got to the World Series. This happened to lead me right smack into Movember. You know, where men used to raise awareness for Prostate Cancer by growing a moustache, but now they just use it as an excuse not to shave for a month. Either way, everyone wins (except maybe the wives and girlfriends that don’t really love the whole beard thing). Oh well, what can you do?


As much as I liked my newly grown scruff, I think after 2 mos, it was about time to take it off, cleaning up both my haircut and my face. Vera was not loving it and I still wish I could grow more hair on my cheeks.

When the time has come to clean myself up, I had a decision to make. I am an old-school barbershop in town kind of guy.There’s not all that much in the way of amenities other than some solid talk and a straight razor. It’s nice, it’s comforting, it’s basic. Was this the way I should go or should I try something new and exciting?


As luck would have it, I was contacted by 18|8 Fine Men’s Salons to pretty much do just what I was planning. It’s kismet, baby. I was told that when you walk out of this salon, that feeling of transformation bestowed upon you in a way only three words can describe: You’re The Man.

It’s Gentleman’s Grooming Done Right.

The professional stylists and barbers at 18|8 give more than great men’s haircuts, they also give great advice on men’s style, trends, and grooming products. They take pride in how well-educated the staff and stylists are when it comes to offering their clients advice, tips, and solutions for their hair care and grooming conundrums. They really make sure that we give everyone who steps through our door the time, attention, and courtesy that they deserve.

There was a location about 15 minutes from me in Woodbury, NY…so I was very happy. The info, FYI, is:

18|8 Woodbury

8285 Jericho Turnpike
Woodbury Common
Woodbury NY 11797

Phone: (516) 543-3818

M-F 10AM – 8PM
SUN 10AM – 6PM

188 Salon Collage 1

The salon was in a high-end shopping center in a nice town, so I assumed it would be a solid place. The location is great and the space was sophisticated but not overdone. It was very comfortable. How comfortable? I was offered coffee and beer (10AM, why not) when I walked in and never looked back. I ever changed into my own robe. And I loved every minute of it.

My stylist, Kane, was the man. I was way too uncool for him, but we hung hard the entire time I was there. He was very experienced and a real pro that knew his stuff. He gave me advice the entire time on what he thought I should do with my hair while I was on the chair and what to do when I was home. He recommended products I’ve never heard of but loved and was just real easy to shoot it with. The place does it right, and they are all about men’s luxury, so there was no rushing at all. Very relaxing and enjoyable. I got a cool, fresh cut but nothing too crazy that made me uncomfortable or look like a 39 year old trying to be 21.

188 Salon Collage 2

It was the shave was the best I’ve ever had, too…from the hot stone massage to the hot and cold towels, to the really vibrant and fresh smelling products that were used during the shave, I really had no desire to leave from that seat…unless I had to reach to sip my beer.

I was lucky enough to get an Executive Shave (5-minute neck & shoulder massage. Haircut, shampoo/ conditioner & hot towel finish) and a Classic Shave (30 Minute Treatment, Hot Towel and Hot Lather, Straight-Edge Razor Shave, Aromatic Hot Towel Finish) and couldn’t have been happier.

Well, I actually could get a little happier…if I was to become a member. Membership keeps you on point and saving cash in the process. The membership program at 18|8 Fine Men’s Salons is a program to simplify your haircut and grooming regimen. When you sign up to be a member, you get the VIP treatment all year long and all the perks that come with it. Each membership includes*:

  • 7 Executive Haircuts
  • 7 Clean-ups
  • 50% Off One Grooming Service Of Your Choice
  • 15% Off All Retail Products (Any Time)

There was even a new shave club package just starting up, so check your local salon for that info, too. This was an all around great experience and one that I think will be a recurring one. Sorry, Mr. Barber, I’m not fully leaving you…just maybe cheating on you with the new flashy girl once in a while.

188 Salon Collage 3

To find out more about how you can pamper yourself like a gentleman at 18|8 Fine Men’s Salons, check out:

Guy and the Blog received complimentary services for the purpose of this review. All opinions expressed at my own.

*Membership benefits may differ by location, please check with your local 18|8. Memberships offered with participating stylists. Memberships are non-refundable.

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