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Had a Fun Night Last Night

by Bill Sweeney
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Went out with the wife to some INO press events last night. Had a good time. The first event was for a product line called Sea Cuisine, made by High Line foods. For frozen fish, it was high-end and pretty damn tasty. A classically trained and experienced chef is the one deciding on what fish to offer and how it should be flavored. While very much opposed to microwaving, the chef says he is pleastanly surprised that one could cook the food via oven, pan, or nuking. The quality is the same. I have to say, pretty nice shrimp scampi and fish tacos. Nice flavor, texture, not really fish-sticky at all. Quite nice. The chef’s a nice guy, too. It was pretty amazing to see how the fish look when frozen, with all the sauce and seasoning caked on, and what it looks like after, a typical pool of nice looking scampi sauce. This is certainly something that’s simple to prepare and a great intro into the world of fish. A nice price point also, at around $7.99 per package or less. I think they are all over the country, so please check the site to see where you can pick it up.

Sea Cuisine ®

Also, went to Dylan’s Candy Bar for a Wonka candy launch event. This place is awesome, all the sweets you could fathom. My daughter had her 4 year old party at a satellite store in Roosevelt Field Mall, which is 2 minutes from my house. The kids loved it…ice cream, chocolate, candy. It was crazy. The original in NYC is 3 stories!!


Finally, we went to see about some new XBox console, called Project Natal. Looks amazing…like science fiction. Just check out the video…you have to see it to believe it.

It was a fun night jumping around the city, eating and drinking (a bit too much Prosecco and vino). Nice to do grown up things once in a while. It’s very important for my sanity and for the marriage.


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