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How Many Times Can I Say The Same Thing: A Daily Challenge

Quick…when was the last time you said something one and one time only? C’mon, you can do it, just think about it. Well, at the very least, think about this same question with your kids in mind…yeah, that’s the stuff.

One of the truths of my current existence is that virtually everything I say on a daily basis has to be repeated, at least two times, and that’s at a good moment. It’s amazing…no matter what the topic, there always seems to be something else that keeps the kids’ interests other than my voice. Sure, this can also be said about my wife, but more so about the little humans that I support. I cannot get any kind of information, message, joke, threat, ultimatum, or fun fact across to them, it seems, one the first attempt. I try to just say it again, as low-voiced and nicely as I possibly can. Generally, this is to no avail.

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How is this possible? I can mutter at a whisper about ice cream from the neighbor’s house and they come running? Washing up or homework…deaf and mute. Disney vacation…running, who made this mess…zippo. Play date…hysteria, chores…crickets.

How does one handle this? Most of the time, this one does not handle it well. I almost think I need medication…but I’ve been better. If only to save myself the hospital trip. Deep breath, 1, 2, 3…say a prayer, do a jumping jack, repeat the question and/or statement.

But, really, isn’t it amazing how selective these kids are? Forget about any and all human and dog approved contact methodologies if the iPad and/or TV is involved…they may as well be beamed up to Mars with just their cold, lifeless bodies left on Earth for show and place holding.

Ah, but so is life. I think, oddly enough, deep down, we would miss all of this, as all know that time is fleeting and so are these moments. We will cherish these times as they will only get more and more complex with each passing year. I’ll take yelling at them for not picking up their clothes or for making a mess when they are doing some type of new craft. Watching a kiddie cartoon and “tooning” me out…I think I’ll take it. Teenagers are lurking then college kids…so I think I’ll take my deep breathes and more on.

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By Bill Sweeney

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