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How To Be A Great Dad (or go down trying)

by Bill Sweeney
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Being a great Dad doesn’t come with instructions, it’s more like this play by play that you live everyday hoping for the next day to be better. And everybody, every family is so different. While fatherhood is such a joy and a true blessing, being a great Dad may seem like an impossible feat. For those of you who think that you need to pull the reigns back in and be more involved as a great Dad, here are some tips on how you can rock this Dad gig.

Be You to the Core

It doesn’t matter what other Dads are doing out there or how other father’s parent. It’s up to you to be who you are to the core. Being a great Dad is about being the type of person that makes you special rather than comparing yourself to others or trying to live up to other people’s standards.

Remember Important Events

Being a great Dad means always being there for important events. Make note of any upcoming concerts, practices and other events that matter to your kids. Try to make certain that you attend a few of these events so that your kids feel like you care about their interests. This will totally make you a great Dad.

Take the Kids with You

While it may seem easier to leave the younger kids home when you run to the store, opt to take the kids with you every so often. This will make them feel super special and while you may take longer to run errands, it’s so worth it to feel like a great Dad who’s listening to their kid ramble along the way to the store.

Be the Enforcer

Often times Dads get the role of protector and enforcer in the home when it comes to raising kids. Remember to reward your kids if you want them to do something and discipline or have a consequence in place if you don’t want them to do something. Remain firm, consistent yet also a little compassionate in order to be a great Dad.

Love Your Wife

Last, but certainly not least, it’s important to always love your kids’ mom. Be there for your wife, support her and do kind things to help her stress level stay low. Being a great Dad is not only about the kids, but about being a great husband to your partner. Continuously show love through kind gestures to your wife.

What do you think? There’s a lot going on here, but any dad that I know is all about doing his best for his family. It’s our #1 job in the world, right? Give these a shot and see…I bet you’ll be a super hero.

Good luck…you’ll need it.

How To Be A Great Dad (or go down trying) was last modified: July 18th, 2017 by Bill Sweeney

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