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How to Motivate Kids During The Summer

by Bill Sweeney

Remember being a kid and looking forward to relaxing during summer break and then your parents assigned you all sorts of chores? Well that’s the job of us parents, to keep the kids motivated and busy during the summer season. If you are a parent looking for ways to ensure those kids stay motivated in the summer season, then read on to learn some tips.

Assign Chore Lists

Have a chore list for each kid to ensure they all know what is expected of them each day or week as it pertains to chores. While you may wish to let the kids have some relaxation and fun during summer break, reality is the kids need to have some chores as well to maintain some sanity in your household. Assigning chore lists to your kids will help keep the home clean and ensure the kids continue practicing good habits of cleanliness.

Plan Some Fun

Assign your kids a summer research project. This project will be all about them using the internet to plan a summer bucket list. Have each kid look for places to visit and sights to see in your local area. Have them search no more than a 2 hour drive away from your home town and see what fun they come up with. This will help ensure they keep their writing and reading skills up to par while planning some fun for the whole family.

Watch Educational Shows

If your kids are having some electronic time, while you get that work at home done, consider having them watch educational channels like PBS, The History Channel or Discovery Channel so that they are soaking in some knowledge. When kids watch more educational options on TV they in turn become more motivated because they are keeping their brains active. Kids who tune into educational type shows are more likely to maintain some motivation during break.

Make a Routine

Demand that your kids have a specific summer routine, especially during the week days to ensure they don’t sleep all day or eat all of the food in your home. Consider setting up a poster board on your wall in a family area that showcases how the day will go. This is great for kids who have extra-curricular activities during the summer season, as it will keep the whole family on routine and moving along during summer break.

Whatever option you choose to start with, each of these shared today offer an easy way to motivate kids during the summer season. Sure you can allow the weekends to be more relaxed. It is summer break but you must learn to keep those kids motivated or else they may just lose all of the hard earned education from last year and return to school with summer brain.

What are some ways you keep kids motivated during the summer season?

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