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How Your Tween Can Gain Work Experience While Helping You Work At Home

by Bill Sweeney
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Your Tween Help You WAH

Raising a pre-teen, also known as a tween via a word that I really can’t stand, can be rather challenging especially when you are working from home. The tween has their own opinion of what is important to them and are starting to shift towards having a more independent mindset. My tween can be a little too independent then a little too dependent all seemingly at the wrong times. But I digress. When you work at home as an entrepreneur you are actually setting an example to your tween that working hard can pay off and ultimately your tween could be their own boss someday! As with your little ones, it’s always a tough balancing act. You never quite know the right formula.

There is nothing more wonderful than teaching a tween the skills to be self-sufficient, independent and a great leader. Working from home allows you to have your tween complete specific age-appropriate tasks for you.

Here are some ways a tween can help you with work at home:

  • Leave Blog Comments
    • Bloggers need and want comments on their site, it’s just part of the good karma that comes with the blog community
    • Have your tween check out similar blogs and leave some comments on new blog posts if they like what they see
    • This helps keep your blog community engaged and allows your tween to practice those reading skills
  • Simple Social Media Tasks
    • Have your tween start updating your social media channels with new blog posts
    • Sure you may have some posts that auto-publish to your networks but if you have any platforms that need manual updates then your tween is perfectly capable of handling this task
  • Researching Social Media Content
    • Specifically Facebook and Twitter, those two platforms make it easy for a tween to research content for use in updates and then schedule it to go out on those networks at designated times each day
    • Researching content for your social media accounts is a relatively easy task once you provide your tween with keywords to research
    • Once your tween has the research done, they can use their creative mind to develop the content
  • Writing Blog Posts
    • If your tween has a knack for writing, start to allow them to write content for your blog
    • This is great for product reviews and personal contributions from a tween’s view and helps to give you more content for re-indexing with search engines
    • Allowing your tween to write blog posts also helps increase their vocabulary and grammar skills

There are so many little tasks your tween can do for you, just remember to have some form of reward or payment to your tween for their help. When you teach your tween to work hard for their money, they will continue on into the adult world with a great sense of independence, self-confidence and a firm belief that they can aspire to be anything they wish to be! Plus, it should be fun for them. If your tweens are like mine…they are connected to the internet and social media anyway. Insert ugh here.

How Your Tween Can Gain Work Experience While Helping You Work At Home was last modified: May 11th, 2016 by Bill Sweeney

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