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I Am Dadlete, Hear Me Roar with Russell Performance Underwear #RussellDadlete

by Bill Sweeney
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I’m here to talk to you about something tremendously important. Something that every man, woman, and child needs to not only know about but celebrate. What is this epic topic I am referring to, you might ask? Well, it’s all about celebrating possibly the greatest uncelebrated athlete of all time – Dad. Yes sir, you heard me correctly. D-A-D. You ever hear of him? Well, I have. I know him very well. And he’s awesome.

Let me tell you a little bit more, if you don’t mind. From the forty-yard toddler potty carry and sprint(oh, that potty training is still an open wound), to Saturday morning hoops with the guys, being a dad and an athlete is a game that never ends. It’s a grueling job that has so many fascinating twists and turns. For me personally, I love it and wouldn’t have it any other way. I mean, check out this death defying playset “treehouse” shot…


Crazy, I know. You see, I work from home and I stay at home and am really involved with the kids. There’s school drop-offs and play dates, dance, chorus and soccer practice, too. Don’t forget about running around playing tag and giving piggyback rides to my crazy 3 year old and playing football with my 9 year old. Tween concert with my 11 year old daughter anyone? Playground sessions with a 3 year old? You bet. The list is endless, I say, endless!

So in any given day, I tend to cover a lot of ground. On top of all that, I need to get as much work done from home as I can, all in between “daddying.” When I actually have some time, I try to throw in a dash of exercise, too. I am going to be 40 next month and all. From yoga and the gym to platform/paddle tennis on my town’s team, I’m always moving and always trying to maximize my time as best as I can. Throw in some date nights and dinners with friends, and I am pretty much all set with any down time.


With all of this and more being done each and every day, I think that it’s time that I, along with all Dadletes, not only receive some recognition that’s well deserved, but score a sweet pair of underwear designed for the game we own. To be the man you have to feel like the man and wear the man’s clothes (that was weird).

That’s where underwear comes in. Yes, you heard that correctly, underwear. Great Dadletes don’t wear just any underwear. Great Dadletes wear performance underwear. So guess what? I wear performance underwear and the best I’ve come across has to be Russell Performance Underwear. This is underwear that works with my crazy life. It fits perfectly and make me feel like a champ with CoolForce advanced cooling technology. Dude, this is a real Dadlete’s secret weapon to help push his team to the finish line, whether at home, on the paddle court, on the playground or herding tweenage girls and 9 year old boys.


Sometimes, though, a Dadlete needs to slow down and relax. Sometimes, it’s your turn the be a spectator by checking out a pro ball game. Even when going to see the Mets, you just need to feel comfortable. All of that walking and cheering and eating and drinking can really wreak havoc on a Dadlete if he’s not well trained and well equipped. So even if your team chokes and loses an excruciatingly tight playoff game to the San Francisco Giants and that…guy…Madison Bumgarner, you’ll be super comfortable and ready to go on that long ride back home! As a loser. Not that I would know about anything like that…


So, Dadletes, are you ready to perform? Momletes, are you ready to celebrate the Dadletes in your life? I now you are, I just know it.

To find out more about Russell Performance Underwear, please check it out at Walmart!

*Guy and the Blog was provided compensation and product to partner on this story. All opinions express above are honest and unbiased.

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Elizabeth O. October 10, 2016 - 4:34 PM

Dads do more of the physical stuff around the house which requires them to wear comfy clothes that will allow them to move better without feeling restrained! Glad you found the right “gear” for you!


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