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I Had A Great, Busy Weekend

by Bill Sweeney

Man, once in a while you really have a great couple of days. First, you’re kind of regretting things being back to back, so close to each other. I guess that’s sometimes the nature of human beings, especially today. Never too happy or satisfied, kinda whiny. Or maybe that’s just me. Could be.

Saturday during the day we just had a great time with the kids. We were wrestling, playing, making the house into a haunted lair, and just enjoying the day. Around 4Pm we went to a friends house where the daughter is in school with mine and the son is in all types of sports with mine. They are all great friends and play really well together. We had a great, homemade dinner and polished off quite a bit of wine and beer. The time flew and it was 10PM before we knew it! Even got to watch some football. We swept the kids away and right into bed. So easy since they are literally 1 minute away.

Sunday morning came and we had brunch in town with 4 other couples and their kids around 11AM. Crazy? Not too much. It was a good time. We had  10 adults ate one table and 8 kids at another. It went SHOCKINGLY well. Brunch was great, too. I was all breakfast, baby…omelettes, bacon, sausage, home fries, extra spicy Bloody Mary’s and Mimosas. I just love how you can booze it up with vodka and champagne at brunch, but not get away with having a beer or maybe a Gin and Tonic. How does that work? I’m not one to complain, just take advantage. Good times were had by the adults and the kids. We all filed out around 3PM or so. Went home and relaxed a bit.

We then went to our friend’s house, also about 1 minute away, around 4:30PM. It was just in time for the Giants game. It was us, the hosts, and another family. Six kids in all…3 girls (all in the same school) and 3 boys (all good friends). We were greeted with beers and good a’plenty. Wings, chips, ribs, meatballs, three kinds of Stromboli, chili. It was all awesome. So good and so perfect with beer, friends, and football. They day flew and we all had a great time. The boy fought like ninjas, drove trucks, and annoyed their sisters while running around like chickens without their heads. The girls played hair salon, nail salon, and princess fashion show, while chowing down on chicken nuggets and pizza bagels. Six hours flew by and it was again time to sweep up and get the kids right in bed. Vera and the wives even attempted to watch some of the AWESOME G-MEN domination of the Green Bay cheeseballs. A great time.

This morning, my wife and all the women and kids from last night went to the gym (they have a play area for the kids) and the kids were then swept away for an 11AM arts/crafts/cupcake making “kids day off” put on in a local cupcake shop and sponsored by a women’s social group in Garden City.

Truly one of those time where you really count your blessings and just try to enjoy your lives. It’s a good one and I’m thankful.

Now on to the gym and celery stick eating…I am enjoying a bit too much…

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