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I Have Pink Eye…From A Dog…

by Bill Sweeney

I don’t look like this...

Yes, I thought the red scourge had passed, somehow leaving the Sweeney residence without molesting mom and dad. Then, I found out that Jack, one of our dogs, was attacked by Pinky the Spreader.

Yes, that’s right, the dog.

Can you believe that? Granted, he took the medicine quite well, much better than the liquid meds has had to take a few months ago, but still. Isn’t that a little bizarre? So, that’s fine. I have to give him the medicine 2-3 times a day for a week. I do it, and run to the sink to wash my hands. I DO NOT want to catch this. It’s annoying.

Then, lo and behold…3 days ago…I wake up with my left eye sealed shut and both eyes dry and itchy. WTF? Are you serious? The kids were done with pink eye over 2 weeks ago! Did I get Pink Eye…from Jack?  How is that possible?

I caught Pink Eye from a dog.

Take a trip to my doctor just to be sure, and you betcha. Pink Eye it is. Now, I’m back to separating towels, always cleaning sheets, walking in a HAZMAT suit, basically just staying away from everyone. It’s like the plague, or leprosy. It stinks, but it could be worse I suppose. The drops are working great and today I feel MUCH better, though I’m still a little gluey in the mornings, still a little itchy and red.

I have never gotten Pink Eye before. I’m 35 for heaven’s sake! Now, I get it. What’s next?

I should be better soon, hoping to finally stamp out this scourge from our home. I will defeat you!

I thought you were gone, Pinky the Spreader…I thought you were. Tricky bastard.

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