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Ideas For Family Fun Friday Nights

by Bill Sweeney

Family Fun Friday Nights

If your Friday family night has lost some of it’s luster with the kids not wanting to do anything yet also wanting to do everything at the same time then it’s time to re-think your Friday nights!

There are many ways to enjoy a family Friday night without having to find other homes for your kids to go to or just to let them mindlessly veg in front of an iPad. No, seriously. It’s possible. Try these tips and tricks to enjoy a stress free Family Friday Night with kids and soon find that your kids have stopped eye rolling and mastered a smile.

  • Plan ahead – don’t think that Friday can arrive and your kids will simply flick a switch to be on weekend mode in the same way you do this. Planning your Family Friday Night will ensure 100% satisfaction guaranteed.
  • Think about everyone’s needs – you are the one person who knows your family best, besides TV time, what is it that your family enjoys the most? Take Friday Night as a time to bond over activities that the whole family truly enjoys. Ask each kid (and adult) to list their top 2 and vote on what to do. If you have a list of a few things everyone can agree on, even better.

Now that you have worked on the planning stage and taken into consideration your whole family’s needs, what will you do to make Family Friday Night a memorable experience? Here are some ideas for you to host a successful Family Friday Night.

  • Camp in backyard – work with the family to create a backyard campground, this is easily something that any budget can handle and allows you to be close to the amenities of home while enjoying campfire stories and songs.
  • Play board/group games – gather up all of the board games you have in your home, let each member of the family choose one game and play board games as a family until everyone’s game has been played. You’d be amazing how much fun, laughs, and interaction board games provide. If you want to do something like a board game, try some old stand-bys like charades or “would you rather.” The kids play those at school with friends, so why not at home with family?
  • Get Creative – get the playdough out, the construction paper and whatever else you can find. Lay out everything on the kitchen table and tell everyone to use their imagination, see who can make the silliest creation using the supplies you have on the table. Use magazines, blogs, and Pinterest for inspiration if need be. There’s so much out there, just get up and do it.
  • Be a kid –  family Friday night works best when you act more like the child than the parent. Allowing that one day a week to become a child again, helps alleviate the stress we face as adults and encourages a family bond to be everlasting.

I know, this can seem like a lot. It can seem a little Brady Bunch-ish. But, I’m telling you, it works. It’s fun, and you will really appreciate having this time. It’s good for the family and it’s good for the soul. Family Friday night is all about bonding, reconnecting and building long lasting memories with your kids. Give it a shot and you won’t be sorry.

Let me know if you have any good ideas.

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Ideas For Family Fun Friday Nights was last modified: April 22nd, 2016 by Bill Sweeney

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