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Interesting Newborn Care Guide

While there is no real way to plan and deal with being a new parent, sometimes some baseline thoughts can help out. I found this one to be pretty good. It’s very detailed and should help with the initial weeks that lie ahead. I think it’s always tough, but it gets a bit easier with each child. You kindof know what to expect, though each child is very different. My son and daughter were polar opposites, as boys and girls tend to be (sorry “all people are the same” folks). Each time is new and exciting, and quite frankly, time to be cherished. I know it’s very difficult tio understand and adhere to that notion when you’re up at 3AM and the baby is whaling, but trust me, times certainly flies by. There will be a day where you actually look back on those sleepless nights quite fondly. It’s a singular time in your life, and your child’s. You will never get it back again, at least with that child. I guess that’s one reason so many people seem to take one last gasp at having little ones, maybe having the final child 5, even 6 years after the previous one. I can understand it as my kids grow and become more and more like little people rather than “babies.” It’s sad in a lot of ways and it certainly forces you to reflect on your life, your standing in it, and what’s a real priority. I know it’s tough, but don’t wish it away. There’s plenty of time to enjoy your kids’ growing up. At the end of the day, take a deep breath, do the best you can, and enjoy it while it lasts. No one’s perfect, and no one is expected to be. Your baby will be just fine in the end, and so will you. Now, all science has to figure out is how to bank all those precious hours of sleep BEFORE you have the baby.


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By Bill Sweeney

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