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MillerCoors Is Getting Crafty With Third Shift Amber Lager

by Bill Sweeney

MillerCoors is gearing up to release a new range of smaller-batch beers this summer. Although the brews will likely use craft beer-inspired marketing tactics, MillerCoors is positioning them as less expensive (under $8.99 a six-pack) and less complex alternatives to most craft offerings, geared toward consumers eager to branch out without making the price leap to the craft category.

The first launch in the series will be Third Shift Amber Lager, which was created by experimenting MillerCoors brewers at the group’s Golden, Colorado brewery and is characterized as having a sweet malt profile with clean hop bitterness underlying. Third Shift will initially be available on draft in eight markets, before being released in beer or can format.

Here’s a quick piece from BeerStreetJournal.com.

Here’s their “craft” section of the site:  http://www.millercoors.com/our-beers/great-beer.aspx.  Blue Moon, Leinenkugel’s…Killian’s?

What do you think? Is this just a disingenuous attempt to try to gain back lost marker share? Do you consider it to be try “craft” beer if it’s brewed by a behemoth like MillerCoors? I’m on the fence, but at the same time…good beer should be good beer. Snobbishness should not really apply. A good beer is a good beer. 100% I LOVE the small, craft movement that’s gaining ground and I hope it never stops.  But, should Sam Adams be considered mass market junk as they continue to grow…I hope not. I just hope that these brews are up to par and not just some half-assed attempt at being cool and “on trend.” I am looking forward to checking it out, though.

Cool label at least…

Source: Shanken News Daily

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