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Most Popular Dog Names 2015 From Rover.com

by Bill Sweeney


I loves me some baby name lists…but how’s about some doggie names? Pretty sweet, right? As part of their annual tradition, Rover.com, the nation’s Airbnb for dogs, is releasing their most popular dog names from the year.

Top trends and highlights from this year include:

  • Human names are the #1 choice for pet parents. 49% of pet parents gave their pooch a human name. This is up from 19.88% just two years ago – that’s over twice as many!
  • Pop Culture dominates more than the box office. 10% of all dog names were inspired by Pop Culture. While The Hunger Games, Harry Potter and Star Wars names continued to gain momentum, Twilight, The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones names – although still popular – moved in a steady decline.
  • Food isn’t just for the plate. Food and booze inspired names were up 6%, with the top 10 including Peanut, Oreo, Brandy and Porter.
  • The ‘90s are back. Although not high in percentage, nostalgic names take the top spot for creativity. Amongst those names are Tupac Shakur, Phoebe Bouffay and Topanga.

To find out more about Rover.com, visit the site or check them out on Twitter, Facebook,  Instagram, or Pinterest.

Here’s a cool infographic with all top name trends and stats below. What do you think of the list?? I’m liking the list this year!

image001 (6)

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