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Naughty Etsy Listings: 5-31-12

I know Etsy is a super popular site.  There’s a ton of beautiful, unique, quirky, and sweet goodies on there.  Vera loves it.  She even does an Etsy Product of the Day a lot.

I figured to take a look at this phenomenon in a little bit of a different light!  Go in a bit of a sideways direction.

I assume no one here will be offended by these listings, and I would not post any graphic pictures on this site, but please beware, some of the listings may or may not be suitable for work or child!! I think some of you may be surprised with the risque side of Etsy…!  No hate mail please…

Remember, this is all in fun and if you are offended by this, please don’t click below!!!

  1. Cute Little A****le Card – Very interesting drawing, to say the least
  2. Sexy and naughty Pin Ups Girls Cupcake Toppers  – Try taking these to your kid’s school birthday…
  3. Open Bum Panties – Is there a breeze in here?
  4. Felt Naked Naughty Gnome – If this was on my neighbor’s lawn…
  5. WTF? Bike Bell – I guess, instead of flipping the bird?

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