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Now That I’m Trying To Get In Shape, I Need #TeamSkinnyPop #HowISkinnyPop

by Bill Sweeney

I get into and out of shape. It’s a fact of life. I guess I have a pretty good life…parties, dinners with friends and family, the ability to eat well. It’s a great thing and a blessing, but man, can it really effect a guy’s waistline. Let’s be honest, as I’m rolling up into my 40s, I just can’t pack it in without packing it on. Preach. Life (you know kids, work, who knows what else) does not want to play nice and let me exercise even when I do find a small desire to do so (small, yes, small).

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So what can you do? Well, I think there are a number of things you can do. Even 15 min of exercise snuck in between conference calls and kiddie shuttles to sports and parties is worth the effort. Take a quick jog, do some push-ups, jumping jacks. I know it sounds funny, but it’s true.

You can also try to eat better when you’re not partying and socializing. DO NOT stop having fun, but when you are not having fun, don’t eat and drink like you still are with other people. Slow down cowboy. Eat a little less, take only a couple bites of dessert, snack less and when you do, snack better. Don’t have a bag of chips with nacho cheese you animal. Have something that tastes awesome, is actually healthy, and doesn’t taste like styrofoam. You can do it, give it a shot.

My go to snack these days would be low-card protein bars, fruits, vegetables, and SkinnyPop snacks. Dude! You’re lying to yourself if you say you are not down with popcorn…admit it. But, watch out, there’s a lot of popcorn with all types of science-experiment-type ingredients and massive amounts of sodium and fat. Yes, I love salt and butter, but in moderation, man. Don’t get too crazy, or you’ll be visiting the MD way too soon.


SkinnyPop is simple:  No Artificial Anything. Take a look:


If you don’t believe me, check out these fun facts. C’mon…it’s 39 calories a cup for plain and 43 for white cheddar? Are you kidding? Yes, please…may I have another? Plus, all those whole grains and fiber really fills you up. You know popcorn fills you up…don’t kid yourself.

Ok, so you can’t argue with that, but you could make a case for sniffing and turning away if it tasted aweful. I get it. Well, I hate to break it to you…it’s delicious. Serisouly, you would not know that you were actually having a healthy snack if you didn’t read the bag. It’s awesome…and my kids snort it up like their lives depended on it.

So there you have it. I’m trying to shape up and get back to where I was a couple of years ago. It’s a long road to do it the right way, but I’m game. Eat a little better when you can…that’s #HowISkinnyPop…and that’s why I joined #TeamSkinnyPop. Give it a try for yourself. You’ll be a believer, too.

To hear more about these great snacks, check out SkinnyPop on:

*Thanks very much to SkinnyPop for sending me some awesome product for this promotion. All opinions are my own.

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