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NY Giants Cupcakes From The Cupcake Contessas

by Bill Sweeney

IN respect of another, hopefully, NY Giants late season Super Bowl run miracle, I would like to present the NY Giant cupcake:

Now I mention this, in part because I’m pulling like heck for Big Blue. But also, because it reminded me of a simply awesome cupcake (and other goodies) shop 5 minutes from my house called The Cupcake Contessas.  Absolutely awesome. They’ve been doing it for a while.  First, without a proper storefront in Huntington, NY (about 30 min east of me).  I would be able to get them at a small, funky coffee shop called Cafe Mojo. It closed and I was Contessa-less.  Them, about a year or 2 ago…magic struck. They opened a store close by in Williston Park!

Just as good as ever, but now I get to explore all their goodies, from Boston Creme to Holy Canolli to Mounds cupcakes. They even do non-cupcakes well, like crumb cakes and black and white cookies. They deliver by the dozen to your home and they make full blown cakes as well. I think the secret to many is the cream cheese filling. Genius and decadent…just awesome.

I know you’re hungry now. C’mon, give yourself a treat. If not here, then somewhere close by. Just take a whiff. You know you want to…

Go Big Blue!

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