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Sam Adams – Beers of Summer Pack

by Bill Sweeney
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Ok, so you are looking for something new to drink this summer. You want something light and refreshing but maybe something a little more substantial, a little bit different than Bud Light and Mich Ultra? Enter the good fellas at Samuel Adams.  You know who they are…they are awesome. They keep coming out with great beers, every season, every year…despite being pretty darn large. (Sam Adams is now the largest AMERICAN OWNED beer company…controlling about 20% or so of the market).

They’ve come out with an awesome summer pack of beers…perfect for the hot summer days…but with a bit more flava fo you to sava…

Here’s some of the dope…

You can purchase is from APRIL – AUGUST:

With a new name and look for 2013, our Beers of Summer variety pack delivers on the exploration that Sam drinkers have come to enjoy during the warmer summer months. This year we added two new styles (Blueberry Hill Lager and Little White Rye) in addition to perennial summer favorites Summer Ale, Boston Lager, Porch Rocker, and Belgian Session. See where you can get it here.

A very impressive lot. You likely know Boston Lager…one of the standard bearers of main-stream craft goodness. You also may have come across Summer Ale…a light ale that may not be my favorite, but something to look for in the seasonal tap selection at your local. Belgian Session may be my favorite…light and crisp, a very pleasant riff on a traditional Belgian-style beer.  It has some IPA kick, but not quite as hoppy. Porch Rocker is basically a summer shandy….beer and lemonade…and it’s done well. Not too sweet, right amount of lemonade taste…very refreshing. Blueberry Hill Lager is very similar to a long-time fav of mine, Blue Point Blueberry Aleas it’s a tasty lager cut a but with some blueberry sweetness kept to a minimal amount – go find your thrill (ba dump dump). Little White Rye is a very pleasant riff on a wheat beer with some added citrus and spice notes to change it up.

The entire pack is great, very well done for sure. You will NOT be disappointed serving this at your BBQ, or showing up with this at someones summer jam. You will be commended and admired for your wondrous gift. And even if you’re not…hell, you have some good beer to drink in the corner when no one’s watching.

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