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Savile Row Suits Delivered to Your Doorstop

by Bill Sweeney
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I actually enjoy getting dressed “properly” in a suit and tie.  It’s so rare.  Maybe if it was everyday, I would think a bit differently.  Though, when I used to wear suits daily, I really didn’t mind so much. I think it really puts you in the proper, professional mindset.  And when going out, I think it makes the night more “legitimate” and perhaps more “real.”  I think it says something about the man and the setting, to be sure.  One day, I will spring for a custom made suit.  Perhaps from these guys.

Cad & the Dandy, a traditional English tailoring house from Savile Row that’s willing to make transatlantic house calls, accepting appointments now.

Once a month, they visit NYC from their perch on the gentleman’s mecca of Savile Row.  Rugged twills. Nailhead stripes. The kinds of fabrics for the kinds of suits a member of MI6 might wear. All you have to is set up an appointment (phone or online). They will do a complete, perfect fitting for you.

Once the fitting is taken care of, it’s all about the little details.  Which color, fabric, buttons, will it be Machine-stitched or hand-stitched in England? Matching pocket squares or spare pair of trousers. They’ll even sew you a jacket liner from an image of your choosing. Even wedding suits! There’s infinite dandy possibilities here.

Now…don’t ask me about prices…

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A little more about the shop, from http://www.cadandthedandy.co.uk:

At London tailors Cad and the Dandy, we dispel the myth that quality comes at a heavy price. We operate with the conviction that high end bespoke tailoring should be accessible to all. Our suits offer a modern British cut, are made using age old hand tailoring techniques and are delivered with a personal touch.

We don’t over complicate things, operating from small but intimate premises in The City, Savile Row and Canary Wharfwith our trained Savile Row tailors, cutters and finishers. We offer three grades of tailored suit: machine stitched, half hand-stitched and fully hand-stitched. All of our suits start with pattern creation, done by hand and retained for all future orders.
We believe in ease by offering appointments across London from our Savile Row, City & Canary Wharf shops or by simply reordering online using our unique, interactive design tool. Choose from hundreds of design permutations, a vast library of fabrics and co-ordinate with our spectrum of stylish linings to create your very own tailored suit.
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