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Say Hello To Summer With Distillery 291 White Whiskey

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American whiskey is hot. It’s so hot, the spirit now beats vodka in overall sales in the United States. I think that’s awesome. With a booming cocktail culture now thriving in the U.S. and the movement towards classic, clean, artisanal eating and drinking (hello handlebar mustache with puffy shirt and armband guy), it seemed like only a matter of time before an American classic took center stage once again.

But what if there was whiskey…with a new twist? Before becoming the toffee-colored spirit we all know so well, whiskey is a clear, fairly neutral spirit. Aging whiskey in charred barrels is what provides the spirit’s color and wide range of assertive flavors.

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Yes, that’s right, white whiskey. Ever heard of it? I think that you are about to.

291’s founder and head distiller, Michael Myersm notes, I think importantly, that:

“This is not flavorless vodka — fortunately. Yet at the same time, it does not announce its flavor with quite the punch of clear tequila or rum. Instead, our white whiskeys remain somewhere in between — rather neutral, but with complex flavors whispering in the background. Kind of perfect, really.”

The distillery’s two white whiskeys, White Dog and Fresh, offer taste profiles perfect for easy brezzy summer fun. You can easily drink it on the rocks or create some dope cocktails like the “whiskarita” (a margarita made with white whiskey) or a simple whiskey and tonic. 291 White Dog is an unaged version of 291’s award-winning 291 Colorado Whiskey. Fresh is a sour-mash, unaged corn whiskey mellowed with Aspen charcoal — it is the distillery’s award-winning 291 American Whiskey without the barrel-aging.

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Think you can create an award-winning cocktail? Enter the contest, then!!

The spirit is very unique and really does make for some great summer imbibing. I busted these babies out at a BBQ recently, and folks were loving it. It’s something different, something fresh, and something very American. You gotta love that combination.

Distillery 291’s line of spirits includes: 291 Colorado Whiskey, made from a rye mash and aged in New American White Oak; 291 Colorado Bourbon, made from a bourbon mash and aged in New American White Oak; 291 American Whiskey, made from a bourbon mash and lightly aged; 291 White Dog, an un-aged rye whiskey; 291 Fresh, an unaged corn whiskey; and The Decc, a whiskey liqueur flavored with citrus and clove.

To find out more about how you can rock your summer that new All-American way, check out:

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Such pretty pictures! this is amazing! I love distillery’s they are so much fun! Whiskey is so versatile – love this post!

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