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Simple, Tasty Grilled Corn Awesomeness

by Bill Sweeney

It’s spring time, baby! While it’s awesome to throw down on the ‘cue all year long, let’s be real, it’s so much more amazing when it’s nice, sunny, and warm out. Throw on some sweet country music or whatever tunes get you in a chill, relaxed mood and grab an icy cold beverage. Fire up the grill and let it rip. It’s a great time and it just seems right. It’s like the natural working order of things, isn’t it?

While I love my meat, veggies are also terrific when grilled on that open flame. The best I would think it corn on the cob. The sweetness and ease of eating is key. How creative you want to get in spicing it all up put it over the time. This is a simple dish, but so good it that simplicity. I think it’s just about perfect, every time. Give it a shot, it’s getting warm out finally!

What You Need:

  • Fresh Unhusked Corn on the Cob
  • Butter
  • Dried Parsley
  • Salt and Pepper
  • OPTIONAL SPICE: Paprika or Chili Powder
  • OPTIONAL: Parmesan or Cotija Cheese

What You Will Need To Do:

  1. Fire up that grill and heat that bad baby to about 400-500 degrees.
  2. While the grill is heating, unhusk your corn on the cob but leave just a bit of the husk on one half of the corn; Fresh corn is dope corn.
  3. Place the portion of the corn that has no husk, down on the grill on the top rack.
  4. Cover and let sit for about 15 minutes.
  5. Flip the corn and cover again for another 15 minutes; don’t be afraid to let it get a little blackened
  6. Remove from grill and remove the rest of the husk.
  7. Lather on butter and sprinkle with parsley flakes, salt, and pepper; DON’T BE SHY!
  8. For additional heat you can drop some paprika and/or some Chili Powder.
  9. You can also add some cheese like parmesan or cotija to give it some creamy goodness.
  10. Devour like a champion! Be one with the outdoors!

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