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Stout Bottle Opener – Made In USA Indispensibleness

by Bill Sweeney

Stout Bottle Opener

There are some things in life that are dispensable, like Starbucks straws (why are straws so damn fragile these days) and some that are priceless (like bacon). I’ve always been on the fence as to which side a good bottle opener fell on. It’s a tough one…I think we can all agree just how important such a device really is. So many good beers refuse to put twist offs on their bottles, snooty brewers. There’s only so many times I can use my wedding band before my wife has a stroke (though the entertainment factor associated with this is pretty priceless all by itself).

Enter the Stout Bottle Opener ($35). It’s magnetic, mountable, stainless steel and Made in USA.  Click on the link to find out a lot more and to contribute to the fundraising.

Stout Bottle Opener 2

From the inventors:

Stout is a joy to use. Stick a bottle in. Pull the bottle out. A crisp ‘pshht!’ reassures the world that your tasty, new beverage has arrived. Stout’s bottom “claw” is curved to the shape of the bottle…you can’t miss. Shove a beer in, and it automatically centers itself. An extremely strong magnet holds the bottle cap until you’re ready to pluck it off.

Revel in all it’s glory:In

Hey, why not buy a shirt or poster?

Stout Bottle Opener Shirt

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George Elizondo April 22, 2018 - 10:22 PM

How can I get a Stout Bottle Opener?


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