Texas Armoring: An Armored Rolls Royce Phantom

This is pretty sweet. I think I may pick one up…everything’s bigger and badder in Texas!

Armored Rolls 2

This is a fully armored and macked out Rolls Royce Phantom from Texas Armoring Corporation (TAC). It’s pretty amazing to see the process of how to get this thing done. In a typical armored vehicle the entire passenger compartment is enclosed in lightweight composite armors that are impervious to all handgun and submachine gun munitions. Two types of armor are used in the armoring process, transparent and opaque. Transparent armor is used for the windows and consists of dense layered ballistic glass that is laminated to a tough inner spall shield of resilient polycarbonate. Opaque armor consists of lightweight composite armor (Spectra Shield), high-hardened ballistic steel, and other specialized ballistic materials. Once the vehicle has been armored, it’s reassembled to mirror the original factory finish.

Armored Rolls 4

Crazy, but if you have the cash, why not? It’s becoming a dangerous world out there. If you protect your home and your family, why not your car? You can see the armor in action here:

Well, there you go. That’s insane. This is just fascinating. Seriously. The interiors are luxurious to boot…

Armored Rolls 5

Texas Armoring Corporation (TAC) is the leading worldwide manufacturer and supplier of lightweight armored cars and custom bulletproof vehicles. With roots dating back to the 1970s, TAC founders and key management personnel have nearly 200 years of combined armoring experience. Through focusing on engineering, innovation, protection, lightweight armor applications, and premium finishing, TAC engineers have literally produced and shipped thousands of armored cars & bullet proof vehicles for distinguished individuals throughout the world. The TAC client portfolio boasts prominent heads of state, politicians, religious leaders, business executives, diplomats, celebrities, athletes, and royal families.

To find out more about TAC, check out:

Armored Rolls 3

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Worx Toys Help Your Little Ones Discover How Things Work

Worx Toys Car 1


Toys are great. Cars are better. But how about a really cool looking car that also teaches your kids how the car actually works?

Worx Toys was started by three fathers who had an idea for a revolutionary new type of toy that combines stimulating the natural sense of curiosity in children, focusing on ages 6 to 9, with discovering how things work and learning in a fun way. Their sons, like many other boys, loves to ponder about how thing work, often gazing quizzically into toys and asking a lot of questions.

Worx Toys Car 4

So how did they respond to this episode of discovery and learning? Naturally, they started a toy company! The child is the inspiration for Worx Toys – the original Curious Mind! A child’s world is filled with curiosity. A question often on their mind is “How does that work?” Worx Toys inspire the curious child to discover and learn all about “how things work.”

I also really like that each Worx Toy is accompanied by an interactive storybook that takes the child through how each of the major parts inside the toy works in real life by showing them with animated lights and sound and corresponding codes. You punch in the codes on the toy and the different parts make noise and light up, all as you read the book!

Worx Toys Car 5

We were able to try out the Speedster race car…and Liam loved it. He actually loved it before he knew about the different codes to light up the parts and before he saw the book. It was a big hit on a number of levels. It’s a great idea…it’s always a great idea to make things fun while educational as well. I’ll definitely be looking into getting more of these for my kids.

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