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4 Ways Tech Makes Parenthood Easier

by Bill Sweeney
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has advanced so much these days that it has started to make many areas of life easier. No more reading all those books of those parenting classes! Ok, so maybe those aren’t a bad idea either. Anyway, think about it, you can now work at home full time, hold a business meeting from the comfort of your office with people across the world or even spy on the kids as they play in the garage or backyard. There are so many ways having a little bit of tech savvy has made life easier for us, but today I wanted to share how having some tech savvy makes parenthood easier.

See Kids When Asleep

While this may sound creepy to some, were you not the parent who poked their head in to make sure that your kids were asleep and breathing during those baby years? Most every parent has done this a time or two. With tech advancements, you can easily set up a baby monitor that has sound, video and even plays lullabies when baby tosses awake in the middle of the night.

Keeps your Sanity

There are many podcasts available online now that can be heard over your smartphone or tablet during the day. From podcasts about being a more positive person to the humorous podcasts about mom and dad fighting again, you are surely able to stay sane using your tech device to listen to podcasts that make you feel like an actual person during your parenting days.

Stalk the Older Kids

As your kids get older and have their own smartphones, you can install apps that help you locate them at all times. Sure you won’t know exactly what they are up to but knowing that the GPS says they are where they are supposed to be can truly help ease a parent’s stress level and in turn, these stalking apps for parents can make parenthood a whole lot easier.

Always Available

With smartphones, tablets and smart homes, you can easily be available for a phone call, text or voice message from your kids. Parenting kids these days is hard because one wrong decision on the internet can be a matter of life and death for your kids. Technology helps to ensure you can always reach your kids throughout the day and they can reach you too.

There you have it a few ways tech makes parenthood easier. So maybe when you sign up for those parenting classes, also sigh up for some technology classes as well. Up that tech savvy!! There are many apps available too that simply make parents have less fear while raising kids in this digital world.

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4 Ways Tech Makes Parenthood Easier was last modified: July 18th, 2019 by Bill Sweeney

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