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Making the Martini – Shake It, Don’t Stir!

by Bill Sweeney
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Although many television and movie characters have ordered the martini in the past three decades, none is as memorable as the suave and sophisticated super spy that orders his martini shaken – but not stirred. However, the drink was popular long before the memorable secret agent began ordering the cocktail. Here are a few things you probably didn’t know about the vodka-based martini and how to create a great vodka martini recipe.

vodka martini recipe

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Creating Vodka

The history of vodka is in dispute, but it was created either in Poland or Russia and sometime between the 900s and the 15th century. Although many people believe popular vodkas are potato-based, the ancient beverage has always been distilled with rye or wheat when the grains are available. The popular Absolut vodka is made from a special crop of winter wheat that is known for its hardness and combined with a uniquely special well water to create the drink base favored by millions. This is ideal for any vodka martini recipe.

Calling Names

If you want to order a bottle of vodka in Russia, you may find yourself confused when the clerk asks you what you want because there are many names of the almost tasteless popular drink base. The popular liquid is referred to as “the bitter stuff,” “hot water,” “daughter,” and “the bubble.” Some people also call the alcohol “the white stuff,” the “quarter bottle,” and the “mono-polka.”

Drinking Martinis

No one knows when the martini was created. The cocktail can be found listed on drink menus from the 1860s when it was called the Martinez Special and became a popular drink among thirsty miners during the gold rush. Hemingway knew and loved the cocktail, calling it “civilized.” Other possibilities in the creation story can be found in New York, San Francisco, and Sweden, and although the origin of the bracingly sweet drink may never be known, that doesn’t deter from the drink’s popularity. During the 1960s, business was conducted over a martini lunch, the cocktail was served during office meetings by cosmopolitan executives, and men and women drank the popular concoction during their evening hours.

vodka martini recipe

Altered Versions

As with most drinks, people often love to make a unique version of the beverage that they can call their own, and perhaps that is why the shaken and stirred adaptation of the martini came to be. If you want to try your hand at the classic vodka martini recipe, check out allrecipe.com. If you want to try some of the other types of this secret agent drink, try the “dirty martini” which includes olive brine, or the “Gibson” that uses cocktail onions instead of olives. A martini with a “twist” is served with lemon, and you can even find a chocolate, lime, or espresso martini if you want to be adventurous.

No matter when you decide to enjoy a martini, make sure you pair the drink with some of your favorite foods and take time to relax as you enjoy the cocktail. You may also be interested to know that shaking or stirring the mixture is simply a matter of preference, whether you are a secret spy or a working mom. If you are ordering the drink at your favorite pub, restaurant, or bar, don’t forget to include some a hamburger and some salty fries.

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