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Who Your Kids Hang Out With And What Do You Do About It?

by Bill Sweeney

Who do your kids play with? This is a constant topic with us. We never know what to do. We see certain girls for any number of reasons has being great friends for Natalie. Natalie, however, seems drawn to kids we don’t really feel is a good fit. There are a number of reasons for this, but that’s not as much the point as us trying to figure out how to play it all out and what to do about all of this. Do we just butt out? Do we push and set up playdates? Natalie is a fun, sweet girl, but she’s also lazy and she likes what she likes. If there are people right there to play what she wants to play at that minute, than those girls or boys are it. They fit the bill, and we just don’t like it.



Are we wrong? We want what’s best. We want her to have fun and be herself and get out of her patterns. We want her to develop and be challenged by her friends doing well in school, sports, etc. I know she’s 9, but she’s almost 10, almost in 5th grade, and almost in Middle School. Things change rapidly these days and at this age. We just want her to be happy, but sometimes we don’t know if her general “go with the flow” and not care about too much attitude is going to hurt her in the long run.

Are we making too big a deal about this? Does this all work itself out? Are we bring nutso?

Up until now, the issues seemed big…crying, diapers, mess making…but now is when the real fun starts to begin. How do you handle it all? Why does it seem like the boys are just so much easier with things like this…so much more simple.

One thing’s for sure…we are learning as go and trying our best…I guess we’ll see what happens and how it all works out. The fun is just beginning. Come here, Caleb…throw that milk on the floor again…it’s a pleasure.

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