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Woman Publicly Punished Child…Good For Her!

by Bill Sweeney

This mom is stepping up big time and I love it. Good for her, which should hopefully be good for her son. This is pretty impressive. I don’t think I would have thought like this, but even people that do no so great things have to be embarrassed by it at least a  little bit. She’s even called 9-1-1 when she found out her son was selling drugs. That takes guts, but it’s the right thing to do. Period.

The key for me is to not take crap from your kids when you know they’re wrong. You’re the parent and 99 times out of 100 you know better. Enough with this PC “I don’t want to hurt their feelings” garbage. Sometimes you must. And sometimes you have to make them feel bad. Sometimes you have too embarrass them. Sometimes, to save your kids, you have to lose a little face. But in the process, you are going to gain a lot more. If more people worried about doing the right thing rather than the things that’s easiest of the thing that they think people want them to do, we’d have  a lot less problems today. You do what you must to raise your kids the right way.

Well done. And goo for Dr. Drew for putting them on.

Here’s the exchange on Dr. Drew’s Life Changers and the video:
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Dr. Drew – “Alont’a how did that sign make you feel?”
Alont’a (son) – “Nervous…shocked and embarrassed.”
Dr. Drew – “Are you surprised your mom went to these lengths?”
Alont’a – “Yeah.”
Dr. Drew – “You thought she wouldn’t take action and she wouldn’t do anything?”
Alont’a – “Yeah.”
Dr. Drew – “Do you understand why she’s so desperate?”
Alont’a – “…Yeah but some ways I don’t.”
Dr. Drew – “I heard you actually stole your neighbors lawnmower?”
Alont’a – “Yeah.”
Dynesha (mom) – “Lawnmower, leaf blower, hedge trimmer and sold half of the merchandise before he got home.”
Dr. Drew – “What were you doing with the money?…buying drugs and selling drugs for more money?”
Alont’a – “Yeah.”
Dr. Drew – “So he’s selling drugs?”
Dynesha – “He tried. But I bust that butt as soon as I seen something.  I called 911…”
Dr. Drew – “You know few parents will actually do that…”
Dynesha – “I’m not going to be like my grandmother…I’m gonna stop mine.”
Dr. Drew – “She protected the kids? How did that work out?”
Dynesha – “Her kids spent the rest of their life in and out of the system…my boys won’t be like that.”

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