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12 Ways to Practice Patience with Your Kids

by Bill Sweeney

Every parent, and that would be EVERY SINGLE ONE, has their not so proud moments of simply losing their mind on their kids. That is, of course, every parent other than me. I’m awesome and don’t do things like that. Believe me? Of course not, I’m borderline insane! Aren’t we all? Raising kids is no joke and finding patience amidst the chaos isn’t always easy. After all, parents are human beings too with a specific level of patience allotted for each day. While it can be easier to lose your patience than to gain that patience back during your chaotic days, there are ways you can start to practice patience with your kids on a regular basis.

Since around July of 2016 I’ve been truly making a conscious effort to chill out a little bit. Now, that doesn’t mean being some hippie and letting my kids run amok. It does mean that I need to just chill a bit more and let them be kids when it makes sense.

  1. Learn your Triggers – the number one key to being more patient is to learn what triggers you to become frustrated.
  2. Take a Time Out – let your kids know that you are going to walk away for a moment and come back to the situation.
  3. Communicate – there’s nothing wrong with communicating with your kids, let them know how you are feeling about what they are doing and to stop please.
  4. Spend Time with Kids – more often than not kids act out in ways that make parents lose their patience because they want/need more attention.
  5. Practice Gratitude – be grateful for all that you have, being a parent is a privilege and something you should learn to practice gratitude about.
  6. Be Humble – know that your kids may do things differently and that’s okay. Sometimes allowing your kids to do things their way, keeps your patience level in check.
  7. Let go of Control – sometimes we lost patience due to our need for control, learn to let go of control and truly hear your kids in times of frustration.
  8. Pick Your Battles – learning what battles to confront and what battles to bite your tongue about will keep your patience level in check, not everything needs to be fought.
  9. Be Kind – when you exhibit patience, kindness and use communication your kids start to learn how to be that way and in turn chaos turns to peacefulness.
  10. Take Deep Breaths – it sounds simply, almost silly, but it works. Stop, take a second, take 5 deep breaths. It really does break the hysteria and calm you down.
  11. Listen to Music – this just makes everyone feel better. Sorry, but it does. Listen to something you love, but make sure it’s nice, easy, uplifting kind of stuff. Yes, I love Metallica too, but maybe it’s not the right time when you are 2 steps from meltdown.
  12. Take Care of You – your needs are important, when you are feeling exhausted as an individual, your patience level is lower than normal. 

Listen, this is not easy. It’s just not. It will never be for anyone. Anyone that says it is is either high all the time or a flat-out liar. To reason with people that have no reason is impossible! However, it’s never too late to start learning how to practice patience with your kids and try to make life a little better for everyone in the house. When you take time to practice patience, you are ultimately teaching your kids how to be patient too; it’s a winning scenario for everyone in the house.

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