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5 Reasons You Need a Vacation without Kids

by Bill Sweeney

Parents do a lot of work. They are the chaperones, the tax drivers and the fixer of all boo-boos, it’s no wonder so many parents need to get away from it all. Parents will often struggle with the feeling of guilt when it comes to enjoying a vacation without kids, but reality is every parent needs this time away. It’s just as parent for parents to get a break as individuals as it is to get a break as a couple. When two parents are able to take a vacation without kids, they are happier, healthier and in turn become better parents. I know it’s scary, you worry, and it may be tough to get someone to watch the kids. Do you best, seriously. You owe it yourself and your spouse.

Here are 5 reasons you need a vacation without kids:

You get to Be You

When you go on a vacation without kids you can enjoy adulthood, adult locations and just be one with yourself. Remember what being an adult without kids was like? Probably not really. There’s no need to research locations to ensure they are family friend and you can take time to bask in the glow of being an adult with freedom. Just pick a cool place, with so many less worries and restrictions, and hit it.

You Rejuvenate

A vacation without kids isn’t just about taking a break from parenthood, but taking a break from life. Being able to get away from it all and simply take pleasure in being somewhere else does wonders for your soul. Seriously, a couple of days can feel like a couple of weeks. You will get so much maxin’ and relaxin’ done.

Less Expensive

Let’s face it; going on a vacation without kids is less expensive than having the whole family head out for vacation. The reality of being able to take a vacation as an individual or couple may be more cost effective for your household budget. More money for beverages, baby.

Check off Bucket List

You may have some travel destinations that you want checked off of your bucket list but can’t take the kids to these places. Taking a vacation without your kids allows you to place a few checkmarks on that bucket list you have kept hidden away for years.

You Need to Miss The Kids

When you get to a point in parenthood where the kids are driving you crazy and you are driving them crazy, it’s simply means you need to get away! Taking the time to miss your kids and allowing them to miss you can certainly be a great reason to take a vacation without them.

There are many reasons why parents need to take a vacation every so often without kids, mostly it’s about rejuvenation, reconnection and maintaining your individuality. Parenthood can take a lot of us, it’s time to remember that you matter just as much as your kids do!

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