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Date Night Ideas That Don’t Involve Food

by Bill Sweeney
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Date Night Ideas Without Food

Dinner and a movie can be awesome. There’a reason why it’s a staple activity, right? Vera and I love it. But sometimes you just have to spice things up. You know what I’m saying? Get down, baby!.The same date night can get old sometimes and you may want to try to find some new ideas. At the heart of it, you want to get out with your loved one and do something that ignites laughter, fun and doesn’t completely revolve around food. There are many creative date night ideas that don’t involve food and today I am going to give you some ideas on how to have a little date night, without stuffing your face.

  1. Hiking – get out and hit the trails, whether it is a nature trail or hiking a tall mountain, get out and enjoy a bit of nature for your next date night.
  2. Art Walk – if you enjoy a bit of culture, check out when there is an art walk happening semi-local to you, get out and enjoy a bit of spectacular creations by local artists.
  3. Mini-Golf – get in touch with your inner child and head to the local mini-golf range, have fun while you act like kids playing this fun version of golf.
  4. Stare at Each Other – sit down together over a bottle of wine and just stare at each other, tell one another what you like about the other and see who smiles first.
  5. Laser Tag – get on your adventure cap and go out to enjoy some laser tag together, less hurtful than paintball but still can be quite fun.
  6. Roller Skating – take a throwback trip to a roller skating rink, hold hands while you try to get your feet used to roller skating again.
  7. Enjoy a Sunset – head out to a scenic view area to sit back in lounge chairs as you both watch the sunset together.
  8. Batting Cages – have quite a bit of laughter as you head to a batting cage to try your luck at hitting some baseballs together.
  9. Sneak Into a Pool – hey life is all about pushing boundaries right? Sneak into a local pool at a hotel or motel and pretend that you are a guest.
  10. Pretend to be Tourists – take a walk around your hometown and pretend to be tourists as you check out the local stores and views.

There are so many ways to have a date night without grabbing a bite to eat, but if you must fill those tummies, do so before you head off on some of these ideas or else you may not be up to par to be your best self during your night out with the love of your life.

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