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An Apple Beer A Day…

It’s great for kids to get out, exercise, compete, but perhaps they need a break, too. Even the pros have off-season recovery time. This is supposed to be fun for them. (HealthDay)

Sure, it’s cool to have the green beer and Guiness, but perhaps the next morning “it seemed like a better idea at the time. The facts behind hangover remedies (CNN Health)

You know you love your stents. Now, how about some love for the clip. Stop that pesky leaky heart valve fast. I wonder if you can pay for it with 4 easy payments? (WebMD)

And you thought tearing the ACL was a bad thing. 84 Percent Of Male Patients Still Highly Active 15 Years After ACL Knee Reconstruction. (Medical News Today)

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By Bill Sweeney

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