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Apple Is Running All Over Me Now

Just a quick update…still loving the Apple iPhone 5. The thing “just works” and it works like it should. Really fast, really smooth, perfect, really. I cannot say many if any bad things about this thing. I really love it and it makes my hectic life so much easier and just that much better. It’s reliable and effective. I use all my Google work functions…Gmail, Drive, Calendar, Search, etc…and they work even better than on a Droid! It’s crazy. Can’t recommend enough.

So, that was the app…well, the iPad was really the app (still awesome). Now, I bit the bullet and got a MacBook Pro 13 inch with 750GB of harddrive and the better Intel i7 processor.  I needed a new computer and wanted a laptop for all the obvious reasons, including being able to spend some time with my bed-ridden wife. I went for broke and got something that everyone loves, just seems to work, and lasts forever. Well, it’s awesome. Once you get used to it, just just works better. Like the iPhone, so fast, so smooth, so well-integrated. The webcam, the social media, the trackpad with the additional features built it, the image snipping tool and resizer. It’s all there and it all works…well. There’s no random pieces being thrown together since it’s all Apple…software, OS, hardware, etc. It’s SO MUCH better, I really can’t explain it. Once I get my MS Office 2011 on this thing today, I will be all set and will never look back. Sorry Windows and PC, it was fun while it lasted. I don’t hate you, I don’t even dislike you…I just have outgrown you and have seen the light. I am a club member, and happy to be. I am an evangelist, telling all PC and Droid people to repent and convert. I love it. I’m just sorry it took so long. I hope Apple stays strong, since you never know with consumer electronics (RCA, Panasonic, Sony anyone?), but for now…Apple is the best. Hands down. Discussion over.

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By Bill Sweeney

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