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Scrabble Catch Phrase Is A Lot Of Fun

by Bill Sweeney

A refreshed version of the classic CATCH PHRASE game joins the SCRABBLE family in 2012. Families won’t want to put down the SCRABBLE CATCH PHRASE game as they frantically try to get their teammates to guess each phrase. It’s a frenzied game of grabbing, guessing and passing – just don’t be caught holding the game unit when the buzzer sounds!

Great for: Families, Mom/Dad, Techies, Parties!!!  It’s approximate retail price is only $19.99. It’s recommended for ages 8 and up and you can play with 4 or more players.  A great fame for family game night or any party time really! Plus, it’s really compact and easy to carry anywhere. Definitely a good time and something to look into for something different and fun.

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