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12 Fun Things to do with the Kids this Summer

by Bill Sweeney

Are you looking for some fun activities to do with the kids this summer? Before we know it the sunshine will be beating down upon us. That summer warmth will give us the ambition to get out and do something. Here’s a list of 12 fun things to do with the kids this summer!!

  1. Have a Picnic Lunch – select your favorite park and pack up that picnic lunch. Take a break to enjoy laughter, food and smiles with your kids.
  2. Make Ice Cream – this is a fun way to enjoy summer inside with the kids. Find a fun ice cream recipe, get the ingredients and make ice cream.
  3. Watch Wild Animals – head to the local beach or harbor with the kids. Sit at the dock while you enjoy all of the wildlife that visit.
  4. Have a Water Balloon Fight – albeit the cleanup isn’t very fun for this activity, but having a water balloon fight can be awesome!
  5. Have a Kids BBQ – host a kid themed BBQ in your backyard, invite your friends who have kids and enjoy being a host.
  6. Chalk Fun – sidewalk chalk can make for hours of fun playing hopscotch, creating mazes and much more. Invest in sidewalk chalk for the kids.
  7. Make Bird Houses – it’s great to bird watch, why not work with the kids to create bird houses, hang them up and watch the birds arrive.
  8. Got to a Museum – there are man kid friendly museums that offer water fun during the summer months. Go enjoy a day at the local museum!
  9. Take a Bike Ride – find a local bike trail and head off with the kids for a day of bike riding and do some nature watching while enjoying a bike ride.
  10. Go To A U-Pick-Em Farm – It’s called agritainment for a reason! We love going to local farms and enjoying the outdoors, picking our own fruits and vegetables, feeding the farm animals, and just enjoying nature.
  11. Hit The Beach…Late – We live on an island, and we are very lucky to be so close to the ocean and beautiful beaches. Sometimes, though, it can get very busy on these beaches. The best way for us to go is to head down around 5PM on a weeknight, that way we don’t pay for parking plus there’s about 7 other people on the beach with us! It’s awesome, it’s like a private beach and it’s so easy. We just stay until the sun begins to set, shower off there, and head home then go right to bed. Perfect.

There are so many activities you can do with the kids in the summer months. Do whatever you’d like, just get out there an enjoy. Take those days off, make the time. Be a kid again. Go out and have fun until you’re completely wiped out. There’s only so many summers we get together with our kids. Enjoy every single one of them.

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