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Be Barista of the Year with the Ninja Coffee Bar System

I love my coffee. I just really enjoy the taste, the variety, and the ritual of it all. I’m also always on the hunt for something better. I want to be able to make my kitchen just as good as the places I go and spend $5 on a coffee!!! Are you looking for a better coffee experience at home, too? I think just about coffee drinker is. New Ninja Coffee Bar ® System – Get a better than coffee house experience, at home, without pods or without having to get out of your PJs. The best part of the machine is all the different features and options that really offer you max versatility in how you take and make your coffee each day. Your daily ritual will never be the same!

One of the fantastic, and perhaps my favorite, features has to be the 5 Brew Types you can enjoy. I use them all. It’s fantastic how each one really creates a completely different experience. Pretty amazing.

  • Classic: smooth, rich, balanced flavor from your favorite coffee
  • Rich: Richer than classic, with more intense flavor, that really stands up to extra milk,
    cream or flavoring
  • Over Ice: Designed to brew fresh and hot over ice, leaving you with a refreshingly cold
    coffee, that’s never watered down
  • Cafe Forte: A full bodied cup of coffee that maximized Ninja’s flavor extraction
    technology, amplifying your coffees unique nuances down to the last sip
  • Specialty: Super rich coffee concentrate you can use to create a variety of indulgent hot
    and cold, layered or frozen blended coffeehouse-style drinks

For further dopeness, you can brew a cup or a pot, or anything in between. All without pods! Brew sizes include six choices – four single serve options:

  • Cup
  • New to market XL cup
  • Travel
  • New to market XL Multi-Serve
  • Two carafe options: Half and Full

The XL cup enables users to brew directly into a large mug or small travel mug and the XL Multi-Serve Travel size is perfect for those who want extra-large coffee sizes, hot or iced – brew enough for two or extra for you.

I also love the small details…like the drip guard. It’s so nice to not have to mop up after ever use!

You can even mix it up a bit, try something different. Use this machine in all it’s glory! Use it!! Try these sweet, savory (or even spiked) drink recipes: Coffee Nog,Gingersnap Iced Coffee, Caramel Macchiato Forte, Coffee Old Fashioned, and Pecan Praline Ninjaccino.

I mean, if it’s good enough for Sophia Vergara

I really would like a coffee right now….

Anyway, check out just some of the other unique features!

The New Ninja Coffee Bar ® System: Better Than A Coffee House Experience. At Home. Think of all that gas or walking you’d save. Plus, the MSRP is a shockingly low $199. That’s, like, 4 lattes in the local spot (or something like that).

To find out more about the Ninja Coffee Bar System, check out:

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This product is amazing. I have one at home and I love it. I can’t believe how many different kinds of drinks you can make with it.

This New Ninja Coffee Bar System is something I would love to have for sure. We love coffee in my family of any kind so this would be a great family gift idea. I love all the opinions you have and it even makes ice coffee too. Thanks for sharing a great review.

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