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Fit Kids May Do Better In School

As if you needed more reason to make sure your kids get enough exercise and not play XBox and east Doritos all day (both fine products, just not to be taken in tandem 10 hours a day), it seems like the fitter the child the better they do on standardized tests. Sure, some people question the value of the tests, but it’s part of life and it’s something that kids needs to perform well on. It’s like getting a college degree, it’s getting to the point that you need to do it. reports:

The researchers evaluated almost 1,200 students, assessing their fitness in the fifth grade and then again in the seventh grade. They tested them in four subjects in seventh grade — reading, math, science and social studies — using standardized tests.

The researchers hypothesized that those children who maintained fitness over the two-year span would have the best test scores, and they were right.

I think there are many reasons that this seems to be true, including and overall bond between mind and body. I’m sure many of you know, when you are out of shape, you just feel poorly in most facets of your life. This seems to bear that out, even in kids. To read more, check out the article.

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