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Gigantic iPhones Hit Stores April 3rd…Get In Line Now

by Bill Sweeney

NY Times via Apple.com

Yes, Apple’s latest (they hope at least) mega craze is coming. Now, it’s not really the Gigantic iPhone, it’s the iPad. It’s Apple’s intro into the tablet world. So far, it seems like many “experts” have panned it as being nothing too great, but you know how Appleheads go, I’m sure this will be another blockbuster, sent down from the hands of the one and only Super Granny Smith himself, Steve Jobs.

One very cool addition, it seems, will be the iBookstore. The iPad will feature an eReader, so Apple is hoping to really start another medium revolution like they did with teh iPod and the iTunes store.

There will be a few choices, like Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi plus 3G and 16GB/32GB/64GB. Prices will range from $499 for the Wi-Fi 16GB model to $829 for the Wi-Fi/3G 64GB model.

I guess it remains to be seen how large an impact this device will have, but I think it looks like a winner. It really does seem like something you would have on your coffee table, always at arm’s length. It’s sleek, like alll Apple products, and it rolls a number of keey functions into one, including the eReader, web browser, and the ability to load and run over 150,000 apps avaible for the iPhone and iPod Touch. I think given the look and the relatively modest intro price, this will change the way people do some things, much like the iPod and iTunes store already has.

(Apple Site)
(NY Times Article)

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