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Super Hot Toy Alert: Zuru Smashers Series 2

by Bill Sweeney
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ZURU Smashers Series 2 - boys open pack

Super Hot Toy Alert

We all know that kids like new toys. If you’ve ever been a kid or have shopped for a kid, you also know that there are hot new toys that all of the kids want. It leads to near-hysteria, as the parents of the kids do all they can do to try to get this new toy, especially around Christmas time. That was definitely the case this year for my boys. While they wanted video games and guns (like always), there was a new toy that they boy wanted to get their hands on. The toy of the current season has to be Smashers Series 2 Gross by ZURU toys!!

Smashing + Gross = Perfect

My kids love fun toys, filled with fun and action. They also love gross. Boys love gross. This is just a fact of life. I did when I was younger and they more certainly do now. My boys also tend to love to break things, and if breaking things is actually part of the toy, then that is just a tremendous bonus. No doubt about it. Smashers Series 2 Gross by ZURU toys are the latest collectible toys that kids are sure to love…I know mine do!!!

Smashers Series 2 -oozeDudes

ZURU Smashers Series 2 Gross

Smashers are just plain fun. Period. I would have absolutely been collecting these when I was a kid and I’m happy boys are now. It’s just silly, good fun. The innovative Smashball puts the action right in your hands. Smash the right on the ground…and your kids won’t get in trouble for breaking something!!!!

ZURU Smashers Series 2 - open on floor

What’s inside the new series of Smashers Smashballs?

Smashers Series 2 is all about the smashing. Good name, then, right? All you have to do it just throw and smash your eyeball(s) and watch them explode. It’s a lot of fun. I feel like it’s a great stress reliever even for us grown-ups…just saying. Once the eyeball is smashed to bits, you will find all types of Gross characters from Baby Poo to Eye Sore!!! Each Smashball has 1 of over 100 gross characters inside, and my boys are looking to get them all! Smashers Series 2 is themed GROSS and ZURU does a fantastic job of that!!!

ZURU Smashers Series 2 - open on floor

Important Questions

Can you collect all the putrid characters from the Odd Bodies, Smash Trash, Rare Awful Animals, or Toilet Humor? Will you find one of the Ultra-Rare Ooze Dudes or other exclusive characters? Can you find one of the Glow in the Dark Smashers (available only in the 8-packs)? Will you try plunging your Gross Smashers into the toilet with the new Sludge Bus?  Will you find the Slime Surprise hiding inside the Smashball Eyeball? Every pack has a chance of getting slimed and my boys found one Ultra Rare Ooze Dude…and it was like winning the lotto! They loved all the gross characters, but the slimy character was top of the heap!!

ZURU Smashers Series 2 - pack

Rebuild and Re-smash

Sure, it’s fun to smash everything up, but its also great that you can rebuild and re-smash your Smashball anytime! Can you rebuild the eyeball correctly? If you’re not quite sure, there are instructions in the pack…but the video below is a huge help!!! It’s almost as fun to piece everything back again. It’s a fun puzzle!

Collect Them All

Keep track of your entire collection with the free Collector’s Guide inside ever pack or download the Smashers app. The Smashers app allows you to play games, interact with your collection, and collect Smash Points to become the ultimate Smashers champion. Store your gruesome Smashers in the Puke Pizza Collector’s Tin!

ZURU Smashers Series 2 - boys playing with Ooze Dude

Video Review

See these babies in action and how much my boys loving them in the video below:

Find Out More

If your kids (or you) are as excited about these awesome toys as my boys and I are, then you have to check it out for yourself! Check out the following links to see more, get downloads, see videos, and find out where to buy!!!

This is a paid, sponsored post in partnership with ZURU toys. All opinions and love from me of my sons are 100% are own.

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Stacie January 8, 2019 - 8:32 AM

Those are so perfect for any kid. I think every kid loves collectible toys like this. There’s always a new creature to add.

Annemarie LeBlanc January 8, 2019 - 5:13 PM

These would be perfect for my grandson! I love that there is a little surprise toy inside every eyeball. What’s best is that you can piece the eyeball back like a puzzle. That’s good for developing skills in problem solving. Fun and learning at the same time!

Theresa January 8, 2019 - 8:20 PM

These are like the new wave version of Garbage Pail Kids lol. Instead of playing with cards though, these look like so much more fun. I totally would have collected them all if they had been around when I was a kid!

kristin lesney January 9, 2019 - 1:23 AM

My girls love these surprise toys. Always a new one they are bring up. Havent really given much thought to how many are out there for boys.

Jennifer Prince January 9, 2019 - 10:01 AM

I haven’t heard of any of these. It’s amazing what is available to kids today in the form of variety. So fun!

Denise C January 9, 2019 - 10:05 AM

Zuru makes so many fun things. My kids have a lot of their stuff, but I don’t think we’ve tried the Smashers yet. I’m sure they’d be a hit.

Fatima Torres January 9, 2019 - 11:48 AM

Our boys would love something like this We have game night once a week and this would be perfect for the family to enjoy together.

Konstantina January 11, 2019 - 4:48 PM

Yesss!! These are definitely great gifts for the kids. You always publish the best toy reviews. Can’t wait to read more.


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