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Follow Your Passion And Make Your Move: Don Julio Tequila

by Bill Sweeney

Don Julio Double Collage

Don Julio. If you know tequila (and maybe if you don’t) you know the name. It’s a mark of quality and of passion. The brand and the premium drink is a reflection of the man that founded the company. The passion that burned within the man inspired his creation of the world’s first luxury tequila.

From a young age, Don Julio González saw a unique opportunity in the production of tequila. With nothing but his own passion for the endeavor, he went to a powerful local businessman and requested a loan to pursue his vision. Seeing exceptional drive and confidence in the young man, the businessman granted him a loan to found his first distillery. Don Julia Tequila was born.

Don Julio Life Collage

I can relate in a lot of ways to the passion and desire of the man that founded Don Julio. We all can I think. We all have a deep passion for something, be it our jobs, our hobbies, or our families. My passion stems from the desire to build something for myself and for my family. I was tired to working for someone else and watching them reap most of the benefits from my sweat. I left the world of consulting so I can make something for myself, not someone else. I did it to be free from the typical constraints many of us have to live under. There’s nothing wrong with any of that, but I did it for a while and wanted to try something else, take a new path.

From that, a business arose. First, imnotobsessed.com, then ladyandtheblog.com, then babyrazzi.com, and now www.guyandtheblog.com. It was all very new and very different, even a little scary. There was no safety net any more, just us. I like that. So did Vera. With each new endeavor came a new and re-newed level of commitment and passion to make those sites are great as they can be, all the while being around to see my kids grow. So far, after 7 plus years, I think that passion is paying off pretty well. I like what I do, what my wife and I are building, and that I’m even around when the kids come home. I don’t have to rely on anyone else for my livelihood and I don’t have to answer to anyone else (well, except for maybe the wife). For me, it doesn’t get much better than that. Life is short and you have to make the most of it. Following your passion is the best way to do that. I don’t think there’s any doubt about it. Do you?

Not ready to fully tap into your passion just yet?? Check out this video and go ahead and try to tell me that you are not completely inspired to follow your passion. The video was released by Tequila Don Julio for Dia de los Muertos – a traditional Mexican day dedicated to honoring the deceased. Don Julio Gonzalez’s passion lead to the creation of one of the greatest luxury tequila brands but he passed away three years ago.


So…What’s your passion? What do you love? What’s your Don Julio?

To find out more about Don Julio’s passion and Don Julio Tequila, please check out:

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