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Your Favorite New Underwear Has A Name: Tani

by Bill Sweeney
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Tani Underwear

Not me

You expect quality from the things you purchase. You appreciate craftsmanship, innovation and performance. You also want some luxury every now again, right? It’s a must, but don’t be a brat about it either.

So, we agree.  A little luxury never hurt anybody and there’s no better place to pamper yourself than with your underwear, no? That’s why I’m all about the boxer briefs from Tani. Never heard of them? Shame on you.

Tani only works with the finest fabrics, innovative knits, and finishes to make their collection of underwear, undershirts and loungewear. It’s a level of comfort, fit and function unheard of and unmatched in the category. It’s like the Maybach of men’s underwear. You know what I mean?

Designed with a clean, modern aesthetic for a timeless appearance and a smooth, sleek profile, we make mens underwear like nothing you’ve ever put on. I’m all about their real-deal design. There are no hidden pouches, panels or gimmicks. The design is streamlined, classic with a nod to modernity. I’m all about classic, no-BS design. Period. Tani delivers, in spades.

If that’s not enough for you, Tani sources fabrics from around the world that are both rare and newly innovated. They employ unique knitting technologies to produce the finest, softest and smoothest fabrics. And the quality of its performance must be as high as the quality of its feel.

It’s the best, through and through. Plus, they are based in Brooklyn, baby. Fresh.

Tani Logo

I tried out these babies in black and these babies in blue/black and they are dope. You can really feel the difference the quality. It’s a whole new world of comfort and good times, man. Don’t be surprised when you’re reluctant to take these off.

Their singular mission is to set a new standard in luxury mens underwear and to create the world’s best and most comfortable undergarments that change the way you think and feel about mens underwear.

I’m feeling like the king of the world. I mean, your lady likely loves some luxurious undies, no? Why not treat yourself with the same love. You deserve it. You’re worth it. Say it again, with some emotion. After that, get yourself some awesome underwear.

My only beef with Tani is that all the guys on the website look a lot better than I do. Enter Sad Trombone here. I can’t show my wife this site! C’mon! Maybe since I have the best boxer briefs, I need to step up my game I think. Maybe.

To find out more about Tani underwear, check out:

*Guy and the Blog received product for the purpose of this review. All raves are my own.

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