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Gulden Draak Belgian Ales Pack A Smoothly Aggressive Punch #GuldenDraak #ConquerTheDragon

by Bill Sweeney
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There are beers – and then there is Gulden Draak, a dark brown triple ale more than 300 years in the making, created for those who are passionate about beer. Simply put…this is a beer for a man’s man, or at least a guy that loves good, strong beer.

Gulden Draak Bottles

Strap in baby, it’s time to go for a ride!

I tried two varieties. First, the white bottle is the Gulden Draak Ale. It’s clearly Belgian style, along the lines of a strong, dark ale, a triple. There’a strong, yet sweet malt flavor with just enough bitterness to balance it out. It is certainly full body, creamy, yeasty, thick. It’s even richer given it’s very soft carbonation with a nice, smooth, lasting finish. Not only does the taste pack a mean punch, so does the Alcohol by Volume (ABV), which is a robust 10.5%!

Gulden Draak Brick

The other, black bottle, is the Gulden Draak 9000 Quadruple. This beer is completely different. It’s lighter, more amber in color. It’s much more bubbly and carbonated with a very long lasting head. The taste is complex, both fruity and nutty but also more in line with what most beer drinks expect from a beer like this. It’s a great drinking beer, much easier than the standard ale. Though this baby is a little lighter in taste, it actually packs an even stronger punch with an ABV of 10.7%.

Gulden Draak Top

I love the boldness of the beer and the fact that it’s aggressively smooth, of course, but I really love the history and the story of these beers. I mean, they’ve been brewed since the 1700s and steeped in legacy and tradition. The dragon and the beer is an ode to the city of Ghent which has a golden dragon on top of it’s belfry (belltower). The authentic taste, feel, and history of this original from Belgium keeps me coming back over and over again.

Gulden Draak Blossoms


You have to check out Gulden Draak on Facebook. It’s just the place to be if you are a guy that loves good beer with an ever better story. Go ahead, you know you want to Like them.

Even more important perhaps…let is be known fantastic beer lovers: readers who share what they want to conquer on social via Instagram, Facebook or Twitter using #ConquerTheDragon or #GuldenDraak, after they sampled Gulden Draak, will be entered into a drawing for some sweet, sweet Gulden Draak swag. C’mon, share.


So, what do you think? Are you man enough to Conquer The Dragon? What fear would you love to conquer? What fears have been battling you that you would love to vanquish? I’m going surfing this weekend…and I don’t like sharks.

Check out this video of an IT guy named Nate overcoming his fear of taking punch…from a middleweight champion named “The Haitian Sensation.” Awesome stuff.

To find out more about Gulden Draak, be sure to check out Gulden Draak on Facebook.

Gulden Draak Top with CapGulden Draak Done with Coasters GD_1140x568

This is a sponsored post with Find Your Influence and Gulden Draak. All opinions and conquering of dragons are my own.

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