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Get The Most Out Of Your Sleepy Sleepy Fun Times With Restonic (plus giveaway) #KingOfRest

by Bill Sweeney

King of Rest 3

Get Your Rest…However You Can

Rest. It’s nice to have, isn’t it? Getting into that bed at night, or even stealing the once-in-a-blue-moon nap can be one the best things you do all day. It’s crazy that so many people today seem to be running around, all busy and stuff, taking their sleep for granted. I could list for you all types of facts, figures, scientific studies and surveys, but do I really need to do all of that? You know as well as I do that sleep is one of the most important parts of a person’s daily health routine. It’s essential. It’s vital to us in so many ways that’s it’s not even up for discussion. Don’t you think so?

Let’s just say that I’m having a busy day. I literally have a busy day every day. I’m not kidding or trying to act like I’m so busy. I am. I have a lot going on, and I love every minute of it. Ok, well, I don’t love every minute. I’d say most of the minutes, a lot of the time. I think you can all understand what I’m saying there. I do know that I would hate to go back to my “old life.” The chaos of this one suits me just fine. As a result of this chaos, as much as I love my cozy bed, I sometimes have to get my rest whenever and however I can. Sure, I fall asleep on the couch during just about every TV show or movie I see and my wife can’t stand it, but I think I’m also pretty good and hunkering down and getting my sleep when I need it.

King of Rest

You’re at the park or in your yard and you are running like crazy with the kids. Soccer, lacrosse, tag, monster. It’s exhausting. I’m almost 40, man. You know what…timeout has to be called. It’s a different type of game time for daddy. Touchdown, indeed.

Kinf of Rest 2

So you are doing some gardening or fixing/installing/who know’s whating some stuff outside. It’s on your to-do list from the wife and comments have been dropping. It’s time to get it done. Problem is that you were up late getting some posts online and you just got back from running the errands. What is a boy to do? Rest, that’s what. That’s right, mid-task, just get up into a corner and get your ZZZZs. You want to finish your task list strong, don’t you?

King of Rest 4

The kids have busy schedules. School, practice, dance, friend’s house. The list goes on and on. How do they fit it all in? Well, for one, I enable it. All of it. I literally make it happen. Sometimes appointments are so tight, or even at the same time, that I just have to squeeze a sweet little nap in. The heat from the engine is awesome when it’s a bit nippy out.

Make Getting A Good Rest A Priority

Us dads work hard. Really hard.

As you can see, I put my money where my mouth it. I can rest like a champ. I own that stuff, baby. I can rest all day if I didn’t actually have to live my life. However long or whatever location I rest, I take it seriously. You love health, don’t you?

Now that we can all agree on the level of importance of a good night’s rest, I think it’s time we try our best to commit to putting as much into getting that needed rest as we possibly can. Make sure that you actually get your sleep at night. Put the iPad down, forget catching up on some show you have on your DVR. Who cares what people are doing on Facebook? BED TIME is not THE TIME to be doing all of that. Once you know that it’s time to sleep, do just that. Make it a priority.

Put Actual Time And Real Efort Into Picking A Mattress

People spend more time choosing what weird coffee concoction they want than they do picking out a mattress. People are nuts. Approximately 33% of your day is spent in your bed (if you’re doing it right) at least. How can you all be so cavalier about this???

Well, I have some tips on how to pick a mattress right here. Now, take it all then go out and give it your all. You will thank me in the morning…every morning

Why Restonic

I’ve tried many a mattress. I have, plain and simple. There are some good ones and there are many that are not the best. Perhaps the best I’ve ever tried is Restonic.

First off, they’ve been around since 1938. That’s impressive, for any business. You simply can’t last over 75 years doing anything and not be great.

Next…do you like awards? Restonic ComfortCare® mattresses first won the Consumers Digest Best Buy™ Award in 1987. They’re especially proud of this award as it’s based on 8 important criteria: performance, ease of use, features, quality of construction, warranty, efficiency, styling, and maintenance and service requirements. Very few other product lines have received the Consumers Digest Best Buy™ Award as many times as their entire ComfortCare® mattress collection. They’ve also won the Women’s Choice Award® 6 times in a row and counting. Let’s be honest…if you can please women (and I have one sleeping with me), then you are waaaayyy ahead of the game.

Finally, the amazing technology which makes for amazing sleep:

  • NASA-developed Outlast® technology offsets and balances temperature fluctuations throughout the night, regulating the micro-climate of the bed for optimal REM sleep
  • Thermocool™ gel-infused latex close to the sleep surface of the mattress helps reduce temperature fluctuations throughout the night by proactively regulating temperature so variances are eliminated almost immediately – no more shivering or shucking blanket with less tossing and turning
  • Trucomfort Core™ increases the quality of rejuvenating sleep from your first sleep while delivering the perfect combination of comfort, support breathability and durability
  • Airflow™ border delivers ventilated, flexible and resilient border that allows air to circulate throughout the night, keeping your mattress temperature-neutral

How could you beat this. This is like the dream team of mattress tech???

I Should Be #KingOfRest

I love to rest, it’s just that I may not be able to do it as much as I would like to. That’s ok. Taking care of the house, spending time with my kids, and working on this blog and the rest of the family business is what’s keeping me from the ZZZZ’s I seek. I think my resume speaks for itself here. I rest like a champ because I have so much important situations going on. I don’t want to miss any of it, so when I rest, I rest. I mean, I really, really rest.


Enter To Win A Queen-sized Restonic Mattress

Feel the feeling that is a great night of rest. Enter to win a HealthRest® Mattress from Restonic. Layered with latex and TempaGel® by Restonic goodness and supported with a Trucomfort core™, this awesome mattress makes for an absolutely, fantastically happy, healthy, and supportive night’s sleep. It’s yours for the taking. Don’t be shy…

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If That’s Not Enough…Check Out The Restonic #KingofRest Twitter Party and Giveaway

Write this down. You want to be there. This coming May 26th, starting at 8PM ET/5PM PT, Restonic will be sponsoring the #KingofRest Twitter party. If you like sleep or know someone that does, this is the Twitter Mega Event for you. Get your rest on, baby.

To find out more how you can rest like a king, check out:

I have partnered with Life of Dad and Restonic Mattress for this post. 

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amy pugmire May 24, 2016 - 11:19 PM

My mattress is over 20 years old with holes in it. My back is hurting and this would be a huge help to me 🙂


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