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How To Plan A Fun Family Road Trip

by Bill Sweeney

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It is that time of year; parents everywhere are starting to think about how they will spend Summer vacation with their kids. For some families it is impossible to do a full week vacation, due to work demands, but for others they can take off on a whim for as long as they would like because all they need is a Wi-Fi connection and a laptop to be successful. No matter what family scenario you have going on, it’s important to plan at least one adventure this Summer, so the kids can have an exciting story to retell when school is back in session.

A road trip is the perfect, low key, manageable way to go for families who simply want a weekend getaway from all that hustle and bustle of life. We did it all over New England 2 years ago and it was awesome. We want plan another, maybe in the South. Don’t be scared…it will be awesome and worth the effort in the end.

The amazing thing is, anyone can plan a family road trip, it’s super simple and you can have a blast along the way if only you follow these suggestions:

  • Reference Family History – think about some old family stories, both inspirational and funny. Try to find locations within the road trip that give you the perfect environment to retell a story from your family history. Enact that special story to your kids for much laugher and entertainment during your road trip; remember keep both hands on the wheel at all times.
  • Use Electronics Sparingly – while portable electronic devices can be great to entertain the antsy child on a road trip, using them too often defeats the sole purpose of reconnecting during a family road trip. Use electronic devices sparingly and set boundaries so that your children learn to interact with their family versus detaching into the imaginary world of online games.
  • Have Children Help Plan the Route – this is a great way to teach kids geography, pull out a map and have your children work with you to plan out the road trip. Let the children practice those skills of map reading and planning a road trip that isn’t leading you in a circle, see how well they do and watch as they want to interact more along the trip because they helped plan it.
  • Plan to Camp Versus Staying in a Motel – while the road trip may only be a full weekend in length, you will still need to get some sleep. Try to plan to camp at a local campground or rent a cabin in the woods versus staying in a traditional motel as a means to save money during the trip and bond on a deeper level with your family.

Planning a weekend road trip with the whole family can be tedious. It will likely test your patience and make you wonder why God put you on this earth. You may end up removing hair from your bodies, but if you set your weekend road trip up in a way that incorporates all family members working together, you will find at the end of the weekend your family has reunited in such a way that you may start a tradition of having a Summer kick off road trip every year!

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