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Holding Tight to the Last Gasp of Summer

by Bill Sweeney

August 2014 Collage Well, it’s about that time. BTS, Back-To-School, whatever you’d like to call it. The summer has flown by in the blink of an eye. It’s a sad thing, really, because these summers are precious things to be cherished and not wasted. You may have a different definition of what summer is and/or should be. Maybe it’s going to the local beach or lake every day. Maybe it’s grilling with family in the backyard. Maybe it’s seeing outdoor movies in the city or going to street fairs. Maybe it’s taking a couple of trips. Maybe it’s doing nothing. August 2014 2 Collage Am I being a good enough husband and father? Sometimes you put a lot of pressure on yourself. We went to Hershey and we went on a Caribbean cruise. We went to our amazing town pool  and to the beach. We went into NYC and to local farms and farmstands. We hit the local amusement park. We played ball, and just hung out. I let the kids watch TV and play the iPad. I had them play with Caleb. We grilled, I had beers, the kids helped prep. That’s all I can think of…but I think that’s not too shabby. Maybe I would like to hit the pool a couple more times, and the Bronx Zoo (and Arthur Ave)). There’s till time. Whatever it is, I hope you all did the best you could to check off the list. With a week before school, it’s always time for me to re-assess and, inevitably think that we did not do enough. We didn’t suck the life out of summer like we should have. Let’s cram it all in in the next 6 days! C’mon people, we can do it! I’m really in that mode…but I’m having a good time with the family while doing it. Hey, better late than never…and I know, I know…summer is always better than what you give yourself credit for. Enjoy it…

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