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How Tech is Changing the Way We Watch TV

It doesn’t seem that long ago when families would sit down to each their favorite TV show every week over the television that sat in the living room. You had to wait until next week to watch that favorite show and binge watching a television show wasn’t even an option. Today we have many ways to stream television and these streaming devices are changing the way we watch TV.

Internet is Affordable

The internet is no longer an expensive luxury only available for the upper class. Just about any income level household can find an internet package and service provider that suits their budget. With internet being in nearly every household, it’s no wonder tech is starting to change the way we watch TV. Sign up for a Netflix account, purchase a streaming device, sign up for a plan or even use an app like via the Amazon Fire TV, the list of tech devices created to stream TV shows can go on forever.

Social Media Interaction

Not only are more devices available to stream TV in our household, but with the onset of popular social media platforms, we can now determine which series are worth our time simply by scrolling Twitter or Facebook newsfeeds. Platforms like Twitter easily allow actors, producers and other celebrities to interact with everyday consumers, thus pushing consumers to watch their TV show. Tech has opened the doors to different forms of advertising and promotion of weekly series and in turn has compelled consumers to tune into the show because they tweet with the star on a regular basis.

Ease of Using Apps

There are so many apps available on smartphone and tablet devices that the average consumer doesn’t have to sit down in the living room and turn on that television to catch the news, TV series or other show. Consumers can watch TV anywhere and most often times do watch their shows anywhere, even sitting in the waiting area of a doctor’s office. Hence the onset of many facilities having signs to “shut off that smartphone” when in the waiting area. With the ease of use of new apps that help you tune into shows on the go, consumers can watch more TV and do so more often.

Mobile Devices and Premium Content

Consumers no longer have to pay extra to have premium content on their cable plan because there is an app, a platform or other device out there available on the market for consumers to use as a means to watch premium content. Premium content is available at a lower cost on mobile devices through apps and mobile platforms which has truly changed the way we watch TV. Tech is a wonderful advancement in our society with all of its social media platforms, mobile applications and streaming devices, it’s no wonder we hear that consumers are watching more television than ever before.

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