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How to Plan a Staycation

by Bill Sweeney

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Going away is awesome. We love it. We do it all the time for work, for fun, with family, or not. It’s a great way to learn, have fun, and just enjoy life. Traveling, however, can sometimes be a bit of a hassle, or it can be very expensive. It’s just tough to go out and take big (or even small) trips all the time, especially wiht a family of 5 and a business to run. Sometimes…we just need a staycation.

There are many ways to have a staycation, you can involve the whole family or make it a romantic staycation for two. Whichever your plan, why travel across the country to get a vacation in with the family when your own living room couch is much comfier?? While traveling to other areas may be awesome, sometimes a staycation works out perfectly.

  • To start with planning a staycation, you must have start and end date as well as time
    • All parties attending this staycation need to be made aware of when this is happening so they don’t stray off into the land of household routines. A staycation means you won’t be completing any regular household tasks, let them all go.
  • Next up, you will want to close all shades, lock all doors and place a do not disturb sign on your front door
    • Be sure to set all cell phones on silent and let your clients know you will be on staycation and not returning to work until the end date and time of this occurrence. It’s important that you make this as much a real vacation as you would when out of town.
  • Stock up on games for couples or families, depending upon if the whole family is attending this staycation or if just you and your love will be attendance
    • Be sure to get fun games that will allow for fully belly laughter and shake your head moments. It’s important to fully let loose during your staycation.
  • Consider doing some things you had hoped to do but never had time to do
    • Maybe plan a spa night or catch up on a series you wish to binge watch. Do whatever your little heart and family desires during this staycation.

The joy of planning a staycation is that it costs little to nothing, obviously you will need to eat meals and provide in that way but overall, a staycation is nowhere near as costly as going away. Sometimes a little staycation is all you need to reconnect with the family after a long work week. I highly suggest you start to plan your staycation soon!

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How to Plan a Staycation was last modified: July 29th, 2016 by Bill Sweeney

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