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I Fought The Germs…And I May Have Won

Well, shock of all shocks, I’m sick again.  This time, it was different. No, there’s no tumor-like pain the back of my head and no temple and top-of-head crushing pressure and pain. No, this began as a cold…stuffy, achy, sore throat. I didn’t think it was a sinus infection, a recent bane of my existence (the last 2 winters at least). Oddly enough, even this seemingly run-of-the-mill cold was not typical…I had a NASTY sore throat for four straight days.

Are you kidding me? Maybe I get a sore throat for one day, tops. FOUR? C’mon…I was spraying stuff that made my mouth numb. I was popping Luden’s throat drops like a champ. Downing Advil and Tylenol with near abandon. I was not happy. I was even thinking I was 7 again and somehow contracted strep. Strep, for an adult…what?

Then, magically, the sore throat went away. The coughing lingered though. Annoying as all get out, too. It was congested and dry, itchy and scratchy (remember that show?), and it made my throat a little achy for just a teensy bit more.

Then, that stopped, but I had just the most ridiculous nose and throat congestion/mucus issues. It was nuts. THICK, dark green stuff that just was endless. Endless, not in a bottomless french fry and free refill way…endless in a you want to rip your nose and Adam’s apple out because it was just so ridiculous way.  Hello Mucinex-D…the good stuff, with the mini-meth decongestant. Take my license, please!

This went on for a few more days. All the while, I am trying my darndest to not go to the doctor and get anti-biotics. Not by any means because I don’t believe in it. Oh, I know it’s amazing. I bear witness my friends. Modern medicine rules the roost. God bless it! I wanted a challenge. The gauntlet was thrown down and I wanted to win, all by myself. No outside help, no tagging out. I was in it to win it.

After about eleven or so days (who’s counting), I think I have turned the corner. I feel so much better and my symptoms, while not erased, as subsiding for sure. It’s a glorious day. It will be even better when I raise my hand in victory and blow my nose no more!

It feels good to be alive.

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