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Liam Is Back In School, Life Is Getting Back To Normal

by Bill Sweeney


Well, after a little break with both my boys, the appedix-less one is back to the grind. He went to school yesterday with much trepidation on my part, but couldn’t wait for it. He came home more happy and energized than I think I’d ever seen him. Maybe it was knowing that he’s not laid up, or just he was being a kid, but it was really nice to see. He was not in pain, showed no ill-effects from the surgery, and wasn’t even a little bit tired. Pretty amazing given that 6 days before we was getting an operation. The joys of modern medicine on top of youth. Can’t beat it.

So, now we wait and see and hope he’s o the next couple of weeks (no gym, etc). Constant reminders of no football, wrestling, too much running, etc. I’m sure he’s going to listen 100% (tee hee), but as long as he’s ok, then that’s all you can hope for.

Now we just have to worry about Caleb tackling and trying to skydive onto his brother for the next couple of weeks…


It was a tough experience the last couple of months, but alls-well-that-ends-well. It’s just part of being a parent and seeing your kids live their lives. There are many more tough times ahead, I assume, but I just hope that the good times far outweigh the bad ones. If it does, I think you can thank God you had a pretty good run.

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