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Making Money in the Sharing Economy

by Bill Sweeney
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In 2018, the advancements of technology are exponential if you consider that 40 years ago personal computers weren’t in every household in America and cell phones had just been invented.  It’s now commonplace for teachers to set rules around cell phones in the classroom, given over 1.5 billion cell phones are sold every year worldwide.  These days we’re figuring out the rules of the road for self-driving cars and betting on who will get them to the market first.  As the tech industry develops, so does a new industry of sharing our goods and services.   Since Airbnb launched in 2008, the sharing economy has exploded, and online companies are giving us a good reason to share our house or car or bike.  It’s now easy to earn extra cash if you want to rent out a room in your house, drive someone across town, or even walk a dog.  Who knew sharing could be a business pursuit?

Rover.com has turned your childhood job as the neighborhood dog walker into your weekend side gig or your full-time business.  Rover has captured the hearts and wallets of pet sitters and pet owners across the country.  Thousands of pet sitters have online Rover profiles, sharing their pet sitting skills, experience, and services with pet owners in their area.  Any animal lover looking to make extra income can submit their profile to Rover for review.  Pet sitters choose from a variety of services to offer, including dog walking, drop-in visits, doggie daycare, boarding pets in their home, or overnight stays with pets in the owner’s home.  Just like renting out rooms in your house, you get to set your own schedule and rates.

With online platforms to help you find a pet sitter while you travel, book a room for the night, or catch a ride, the share economy makes life more convenient and affordable for consumers too.

Pet owners no longer need to beg their friends for pet sitting favors when they’re traveling.  You can visit Rover.com (or download the app) and find a qualified pet sitter in minutes.  Check out reviews and ratings from other pet owners who have worked with various pet sitters.  Profiles include pet sitters’ schedule, rates, photos, and their animal loving talents.  Booking and paying for a pet sitter is complete at the click of a button.  Plus, if there’s a (rare) last minute cancellation, Rover guarantees your reservation and can help you find a replacement sitter.  If there’s any emergency while you’re away, Rover sitters have access to vet assistance and 24/7 phone support.  This is hassle-free care for your pets!

You can pretty much make your own a vacation utilizing the share economy.  Rent your Airbnb house on the beach.  Reserve your pet sitter on Rover.com to take care of your pets while you’re traveling.  Then, take a Lyft ride to the airport!  Whether you’re offering the service or a consumer, sharing just makes life easier.  That’s right, sharing is caring.

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Making Money in the Sharing Economy was last modified: January 24th, 2018 by Bill Sweeney

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Stacie @ Divine Lifestyle January 25, 2018 - 6:46 AM

These are excellent ideas. With our world becoming more and more connected, there are more and more ways to use that to our advantage. All you need is some creativity.

Toni | BoulderLocavore.com January 25, 2018 - 6:45 PM

This is fascinating. I completely agree on the shared economy and you’ve so succintly ‘nailed it’. It’s interesting to me that the more isolated people are becoming from working at home, not needing to go shopping at brick and mortar stores, etc, that we are also forming stronger economy in other ways such as this shared skill set/resources ideas. Good read!

Annemarie LeBlanc January 26, 2018 - 3:08 PM

Our biggest concern when we go on vacation is leaving our pets behind. Usually I take them to my sister’s house but she also has dogs of her own to care for and I hate to inconvenience people. I think doggy day care services or dog sitters are a better option the next time we travel.


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